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  • Arktura Graphic Perf® Scripted in LAX terminal
  • Arktura Sphera in lobby.
  • Perforated panel for Apache by Arktura Solutions Studio.
  • Frame Work Kiosk
  • Arktura Atmosphera Analog 3D in lounge.
  • Arktura graphic perf public bathroom screen.
  • Arktura Graphic Perf for PWC office.
  • Arktura Secare Square



At Arktura, we make design happen. Creativity, expert knowledge and cutting-edge technology shape everything we do—whether it’s exploring form and function in our furniture range, adapting our preconfigured architectural systems to meet project needs, or partnering with clients through our Solutions Studio.

Our multidisciplinary team brings together architects, designers, programmers, engineers and artists with a deep understanding of the creative process. We use our collective ingenuity to bridge the gaps between design intent and manufacturing capabilities, creating proprietary software and adapting machinery to meet evolving demands.

Each of our divisions draws on these shared values and resources to produce precise, intelligent and visually stunning results. Browse our library or contact us today to see how our potential can work for you.


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