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Product Design

Desk Dividers: Considerations & Design Ideas

July 23, 2020
Arktura SoftSound Ridge

Whether you’re working or studying, there are times when it helps to have a quiet, private space, no matter how busy or full the room gets to be. As people prepare to return to working and studying in public spaces, rather than at home, many people are wondering how they can create personal, private and, especially, safe areas.

With so many spaces adopting open floor plans and flexible workstations in the last decade, most offices and schools are not set up for private and personal spaces any longer. This can make it a challenge to quickly and affordably change seating plans and layouts for new safety guidelines. Keeping desks six-feet or more apart is one option, but it can sometimes have the effect of needing to reduce the number of total desks and seating areas within a room.

Another option that can help keep people safe is to use desk dividers between work and study stations. Desk partitions can help interrupt free airflow from one seat to the next, ensuring a safer working and studying environment. Depending on the type of dividers you choose, there can be other benefits as well, from cosmetic to practical, allowing you to take back control over your workspace.

The Best Desk Divider Material

Arktura Petal

Pictured: Petal 

Whether you’re looking for office desk dividers or privacy dividers for student desks, there are several choices to make, including the material that your partitions are made from. Before deciding, though, which material or option will suit you best, you may want to consider your needs and why you’re purchasing dividers.

Privacy is one factor to consider. Low cost, finished corrugated fiberboard is an attractive and durable option that can provide privacy, while also helping to disrupt airflow between desks.

But office spaces and student desks often need more than a simple divider to block the view. That’s why other materials such as PET felt should be considered as well. These materials can help absorb sound, making the environment within the dividers quieter and better suited to work or study. This can be especially important for student desk dividers and exam desk dividers where quiet is particularly prized. And for workers who are readjusting to office life after working at home for several months, having a quiet workspace can help make the adjustment easier, enhancing productivity.

Desk dividers from Arktura made of their PET Soft Sound material also have an option for an antimicrobial coating as well. This can help offer more peace of mind for returning workers and students who may feel nervous about being in closer proximity to one another after so many weeks or months apart. 

Design Considerations

Arktura Glide

Pictured: Glide 

While the function of the desk dividers should be your first consideration, the way that they look is also an important thing to keep in mind when planning their inclusion in your area. The more desks you have within a section, the more dividers will be necessary. This means repeating the lines and images of the dividers over and over again, so having the right style can ensure that you’re creating a cohesive look within the area and matching your overall design.

Desk partitions can be sleek and contemporary or have a more playful vibe that can complement modern offices or make a great addition to classroom desk dividers for students. And whether you choose cardboard desk dividers, fabric desk dividers or materials like sound-absorbing PET felt, you can also incorporate color into your design, making the dividers a part of the decor, rather than a rushed, tacked-on addition.

3 Design Ideas for Dividing Desk Space

Desk dividers don’t have to be plain, boring or utilitarian to be effective at what they do. If you’re wondering how partitions like these could fit into your environment, check out these three design ideas. 

1. Soft Colors

Arktura Ridge

Pictured: Ridge

In areas that have a lot of desks or study areas in one section, it can help break up the monotony by incorporating several soft, overlapping colors. These Ridge panels from Arktura are made of PET felt in large, overlapping rounded shapes. 

Done in a series of three colors, the dividers coordinate well with one another, while helping to keep each area quiet and contained. With this style of setup, you could have clusters of four desks, each six-feet apart from the next cluster, helping to keep to social distancing guidelines while offering private, protected areas for individuals to work. 

2. Bright Pops of Color

Arktura Petal

Pictured: Petal

For classrooms and more contemporary office spaces, you may wish to have a more playful design. These Petal desk dividers offer just that, with multiple overlapping shapes that resemble the petals of a flower. 

The bold yellow and orange colors help keep the design fun, while the gray panels help prevent the bolder colors from overwhelming the space. So, while the dividers can help protect the users and offer some privacy, it’s not creating a feeling of boredom or strict utility within the room. 

3. Sleek, Contemporary Design

Arktura Glide

Pictured: Glide

Call center desk dividers, desk dividers for testing and dividers for other, more impersonal needs can still have some style. These Glide dividers are sleek and contemporary, with some stylish pops of orange to break up the space. 

This is also a great way to create some office table dividers for what are currently fluid and multi-person workstations. The dividers don’t distract from the overall look of the space but enhance it with their clean lines and high function.

Add the Right Dividers to Your Desk and Work Areas

Desk dividers are a great way to keep students and employees safe while giving them privacy, and they provide the option for noise reduction as well. Used correctly, they can also visually enhance the spaces they’re used in. As you prepare for people to return to offices and schools, make desk dividers a part of your social distancing plan to help keep people safe. 

Contact an Arktura sales representative today to learn more about desk dividers and office barriers.