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SoftPlanes® acoustical system - white planes with grey verticals
SoftPlanes® acoustical system white planes



SoftPlanes® by Arktura offers seamless, subtle ceiling landscapes with real acoustical benefits. The visual interest of SoftPlanes® is enhanced by our Soft Sound® acoustical material (100% PET plastic with up to 50% recycled content). SoftPlanes® allows for an effortless install with nearly full ceiling coverage while enlivening closed lid ceilings with a complex, tessellated pattern.

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* Patent Pending

Key Features

  • Preconfigured Solutions

    SoftPlanes® products are preconfigured solutions designed with a dynamic array of criteria and effects. Choose from the many options in our library to uniquely impact your project.
  • Acoustical System

    Equipped with a one-half inch thick Soft Sound® backer panel, the system can provide an NRC rating of up to .9. Couple that with the open, laser cut graphic metal panel and you can achieve amazing acoustical performance across an entire space or simply over a desired zone.
  • Advanced Technology

    From our proprietary software tools to state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, Arktura infuses core architectural design expertise with aerospace-level precision manufacturing.
  • Quick Access System

    Transform your ceiling plane into a beautiful scrim layer of pattern, texture and form. Each ceiling product has been designed to utilize standard attachment grid systems allowing for easy installation and removal to access the infrastructure above.
  • Performance & Sustainable Practices

    Our team will integrate the ceiling modules into all aspects of its environment allowing lighting, sprinklers, and AV equipment to be integrated into the overall design.
  • Easy Installation

    All of our SoftPlanes® materials have a high proportion of recycled content and are fully recyclable.

Product Details