Vapor® Wall

Acrylic, Powder Coated Aluminum, Soft Sound®
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Vapor® Wall makes it easy to bring beautiful, functional layers of pattern to your next project. Supported by Vertika™ wall channels and compatible with standard grid systems, Vapor® Wall is part of a new, flexible approach to paneling, that makes spanning walls or achieving seamless wall-to-ceiling transitions effortless. All patterns come in a perfectly scalable, modular form that makes installation and removal, to access infrastructure, simple. Pair with a growing library of Vertika™ compatible Arktura systems, including Trace® and Delta Drop® families. Add available options and accessories, including Arkluma™ InLine or Backlight, acoustic and translucent backers, and there is no limit to the effects you can achieve.

*Contact your local sales representative for pricing.

*Learn more about Vapor®, Delta Drop®, and Trace® families in their sections under Standard Ceiling Systems.

*Patent Pending

Key Features

  • Preconfigured Solutions

    Vertika™ compatible products are preconfigured solutions designed with a dynamic array of criteria and effects. Choose from the many options in our library to uniquely impact your project.
  • Quick Access System

    Transform your wall into a beautiful scrim layer of pattern, texture, and form. Vapor® Wall has been designed for easy installation and removal, allowing hiding of and access to infrastructure as needed.
  • Quick Ship Product

    When you purchase a preconfigured solution, we quickly deploy our manufacturing expertise and automated processes to meet your project deadline.
  • Acoustical System

    Installations can be equipped with Soft Sound® backer panels, capable of providing an NRC rating of up to .9. Couple that with the open, laser cut graphic metal panel and you can achieve amazing acoustical performance across an entire space or simply over a desired zone.
  • Performance & Sustainable Practices

    All of our materials have a high proportion of recycled content and are fully recyclable.
  • Easy Installation

    We help eliminate the guesswork and reduce installation time and cost through our proven, step-by-step “kit of parts” approach. Our easy-to-follow installation instructions provide a clear path to success for your project.

Product Details

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