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Vapor® Wall

Vapor® Wall makes it easy to bring beautiful, functional layers of pattern to your next project. Supported by Vertika® wall channels and compatible with standard grid systems, Vapor® Wall is part of a new, flexible approach to paneling, that makes spanning walls or achieving seamless wall-to-ceiling transitions effortless. All patterns come in a perfectly scalable, modular form that makes installation and removal, to access infrastructure, simple. Pair with a growing library of Vertika® compatible Arktura systems, including Trace® and Delta Drop® families. Add available options and accessories, including Arktura's integrated InLine or Backlight lighting, acoustic and translucent backers, and there is no limit to the effects you can achieve. *Learn more about Vapor®, Delta Drop®, and Trace® families in their sections under Standard Ceiling Systems.  

Vapor® Wall in use

Panel Materials & Colors

Powder Coated Aluminum


Backer Options

Soft Sound® Group A

Acoustic PET

Soft Sound® Wood Textures

Acoustic PET

Interior Translucent Backer

1/16" Polycarbonate

Product Details


  • Vapor® Wall – Tear Sheet PDF – Imperial
    Tear Sheet
    8.49 MB
  • Powder Coat Color Brochure
    183.17 KB
  • Soft Sound® Color Brochure with Specifications
    2.32 MB
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