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Ceiling Systems

  • Arktura Atmosphera® Contour 3D installed in office.

    Atmosphera® / Show Details

  • SoundBar® / Show Details

  • VaporSoft - Cora, White with Heather Grey Soft Sound® Backer Wall, Backlit Ceiling, Closeup

    VaporSoft® / Show Details

  • SoftGrid® / Show Details

  • SoundEdge-web-arktura-acoustic-export-01

    SoundEdge® / Show Details

  • Vapor Trail with backlight installed in elevator lobby.

    Vapor® / Show Details

  • SoundAngle®acoustical system in multiple colors above cafe

    SoundAngle® / Show Details

  • SoftFold®acoustical system installed above office

    SoftFold® / Show Details

  • Arktura SoftPlanes

    SoftPlanes® / Show Details

  • Delta Drop® backlit panels installed in a gallery.

    Delta Drop® / Show Details

  • Alluvia® Custom installed above corner of lobby area.

    Alluvia® Custom / Show Details

  • Sphera® close up

    Sphera® / Show Details

  • Trace® Straight installed in gym.

    Trace® / Show Details

  • Switch 48® installed in lobby.

    Switch 48® / Show Details

Exterior & Interior Panel Systems

  • Arktura Graphic Perf® Scripted for Motorola elevator lobby

    Graphic Perf® / Show Details

  • Arktura Secare® at CBRE Metro Point

    Secare® / Show Details

  • SoftScreen® / Show Details

Keeping ahead of COVID-19

The rapidly evolving impact of COVID-19 has put us all in a unique situation. For us, this includes adapting our manufacturing capabilities to supply the medical community, and developing new products to help address social distancing. If you need face shields let us know. The team at Arktura is working with customers online and via phone, GoTo and email every day. We are taking new orders and delivering existing ones per schedule. We have made several significant changes to our factory safety standards and our office team has moved to WFH.