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Product Design

Wallpaper to Panels: Adding Versatile Style to Commercial Interiors

December 16, 2021

Arktura’s Vapor® wall and ceiling panel system is an innovation in modern expression. 

Through abstract patterns and subtle complexity, the perforated metal panels add visual interest and functionality to a space. Our library of patterns ensures that you’ll find the perfect design to make a statement while leaving a lasting impression. 

But now, we’ve gone even further.

Arktura has recently introduced a new line to our Vapor® collection that blends the beauty of wallpaper and the innovation of perforated metal panels to create a one-of-a-kind design experience.

VaporHue is an innovative line of torsion spring wall and ceiling panels specifically designed to bring stunning dimensionality to a space and add aesthetic beauty and superior functionality by incorporating lighting and acoustic backing to enhance comfort.

From Wallpaper to Panels

This room, featuring a VaporHue™ Stitch design in Ceiling and Seating Coves in pall application with Arktura Backlighting the Printed and Perforated Arktura VaporHue™ Panels. The space has colors of green and white throughout filled with reflective volumetric forms, There is a large metal frame echoing the volumetric forms holding plants and some seating areas in the space.
“Mirror Room” Featuring: VaporHue™ Stitch by Arktura

Since its arrival in the form of rice paper pasted to walls during the Qin dynasty in China, wallpaper has been a popular choice for centuries. Wallpaper has seen its ups and downs throughout the years — sometimes seen as a status symbol in the homes of the wealthy and other times accused of being a cheap imitation of tapestries or a tool of deception, hiding imperfections and altering the appearance of the room’s dimensions. Despite its longevity in the world of design, it remains largely unchanged — after all, it’s just paper pasted onto a wall. 

As we get farther into the 21st century, it’s time for a modern upgrade. Sturdier than wallpaper and with a modern twist, printed and perforated patterning in torsion spring panels is shaking up the world of design. 

This lobby area has white walls, potted plants, a green sofa, a black chair and a multi-colored rug. There are Arktura VaporHue™ Link panels on the far wall with the windows, behind the bar, and on the ceiling integrating Arktura’s Inline Lighting.
“High Ceiling Restaurant and Lobby” Featuring: VaporHue™ Link by Arktura

Building on the idea of using wallpaper as a way to add depth and movement to a space, VaporHueTM panels have increased design flexibility and come with added features like InLine lighting, backlighting and the option to add Soft Sound® acoustic backing material to enhance comfort both visually and acoustically. 

Let’s take a closer look at the five distinctive lines in the VaporHue™ collection.

Flora Stuns With Biophilic Beauty

 This lobby area has muted tones of purple, blue and orange furnishings with green plants scattered throughout the space. There are two purple rugs, various lights and VaporHue™ Flora panels printed and featuring Arktura Backlinting on the feature back walls.
“High Ceiling Lobby” Featuring VaporHue™ Flora by Arktura

Evoke a biophilic floral landscape with VaporHue™ Flora. The feathering perforations act as a base to dual-color organic printing that flows seamlessly across panels and through the space. With Flora, you’ll create a space that is alive with possibilities, even as it is grounded in nature.

This wall has VaporHue™ Flora panels printed in green and pink tones applied on the wall, featuring Arktura Backlighting. The wall also features grey paint where the panels aren’t installed.
“Flora Panel” Featuring: VaporHue™ Flora by Arktura

To take this biophilic design to another level, you can add a third layer of color and acoustic comfort with a Soft Sound® acoustic backer to reduce noise. Or if your design calls for extra lighting, illuminating the space is effortless with our integrated backlighting and InLine lighting options. 

Astra Delivers Fast-Paced Energy

This small seating area has two translucent red chairs. The wall area has VaporHue™ Astra panels featuring Arktura Soft Sound® Backer in Graphite, centered on the wall transitioning seamlessly to the ceiling, which features Arktura In-Line Lighting, and there is rust orange paint on the sides of the panels. There are hanging planters featured on the walls flanking the panels.
“Seating for Two” Featuring: VaporHue™ Astra by Arktura

VaporHue Astra’s linear perforations and printed patterning add a sense of fast-paced movement, creating energy and excitement. Perfect for a space meant to inspire and excite, these aluminum torsion spring panels achieve uninterrupted patterning, never slowing as they race across the wall.

This is a close-up image of a seating area with two red chairs and a glass table holding two martini glasses with green olives in them. The wall behind the seating area is VaporHue™ Astra panels featuring Soft Sound® Backers in Graphite by Arktura.
“Two Martinis” Featuring: VaporHue™ Astra by Arktura

Where light is needed, you can add backlighting or InLine lighting for the perfect amount of illumination. You can also add another layer of color and enhance the acoustic comfort of the space with a Soft Sound® backer, available in a wide range of colors that stun when paired with the Arktura White panels. 

Stitch Weaves Through the Space

This contemporary biophilic office space has a seating area with green furniture and a green rug. There are also desks in the space with white chairs and computers on the desks. There are Arktura VaporHue™panels on the ceiling and the walls in green and white color, featuring Arktura Soft Sound® backers in the wall system, and Arktura Backlighting in the Ceiling Panels.
“Green Workspace” Featuring: VaporHue™ Stitch by Arktura

Designed with bi-directional linearity, VaporHue Stitch weaves a stunning pattern that will impress all guests. A playful take on symmetry, this line of printed and perforated aluminum torsion spring panels creates a seamless transition from wall to ceiling, stitching the space together.

This seating area features two green sofas with a coffee table separating the two. The coffee table has two books on it and a green potted plant. The Artura panels on the wall are green and white VaporHue™ Stitch panels, featuring a Soft Sound® Acoustic Backer.
“Green Seating” Featuring: VaporHue™ Stitch by Arktura

Adding backlighting or a Soft Sound® backer will help you meet the acoustic and illumination needs of the space. This design makes use of both to create the perfect environment for productivity. For extra noise control, an optional acoustic Soft Sound® backer gives you both an incredible pattern and reduces sound.  

Pop Rounds Out Large Rooms

This bright lobby has cerulean blue walls and VaporHue™ Pop panels in white, printed with a custom fucsia printed hue. There are pink and orange chairs in the center of the room with orange and pink chandeliers hanging over the seat to compliment the panels and their Soft Sound® Backer and Arktura Backlighting.
“Colorful Lobby” Featuring: VaporHue™ Pop by Arktura

Reminiscent of classical printing methods and the pop art of the 1960s, VaporHue Pop blends perforated circles and a combination of solid and finely dithered printed dots to create a modern twist on a classic, fun style. This design supports one printed pattern hue, but the dithered dots create the impression of added depth and a range of colors.

This grey table has a bowl holding three pink balls. The wall behind the table is pink, white and grey VaporHue™ Pop panels with integrated backlighting.
“Table Setting” Featuring: VaporHue™ Pop by Arktura

Integrated backlighting makes Pop even more breathtaking, illuminating the stunning printed solid and dithered circles and providing the light needed to create a comfortable and efficient space. 

Link Brings the Geometric Vibes

This front desk area has a white counter with two white computers. The wall behind the desk has tan VaporHue™ Link panels.
“Lobby Desk” Featuring: VaporHue™ Link by Arktura

The fragmented hexagon perforations and printing of VaporHue Link create a three-dimensional cube effect that transfixes all who are lucky enough to see it. Bringing elegant depth to a space, this innovative blend of perforations and printing adds a dynamic effect.

This wall features grey VaporHue™ Link panels with integrated backlighting, and contrasting Soft Sound Acoustic Backers. There are three windows on this wall with a tree in front of the wall.
“Tamarisk Tree” Featuring: VaporHue™ Link by Arktura

As the panels seamlessly transition from one to another, you can add definition through a creative mix of backlighting and Soft Sound® acoustic backing. In this design, the alternating use of light and backing highlights the pattern and its ability to flow through the space. 

Arktura Is a Modern Upgrade to Traditional Wallpaper

With stunning dimensionality, acoustic comfort and integrated lighting, Arktura offers a modern upgrade to traditional wallpaper supported by our expert team of designers, architects, programmers, engineers and artists who will work with you to create an elegant, cutting-edge design that also enhances the space’s functionality.

Contact the team at Arktura today to design a one-of-a-kind solution and give your old wallpaper a much-needed upgrade.

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