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Solutions Studio® Architects for Animals - Flora-Gato

Soft Sound®


Arktura collaborated with Formation Association & Terremoto Landscape to create this cat shelter as part of Architects for Animals’ 2017 edition of their “Giving Shelter” event, benefiting FixNation, a non-profit organization operating the only free, full-time spay/neuter clinic in Los Angeles for homeless stray and feral cats. Titled “Flora Gato,” the shelter creatively uses Arktura’s Soft Sound® Acoustical Material as a water absorptive exoskeleton building material, housing Spanish moss and Korean grass. These provide both thermal mass and shade, and help create a prefect melding of natural and synthetic.

Location: Los Angeles, CA
Collaborators: Formation Association & Terremoto Landscape

*See a video and media coverage on this in our news section

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