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Introducing Arborisa™
Biophilic Acoustic Clouds

Bring the natural world to your interior spaces

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Geometric Acoustic Clouds

A new angle to modular acoustic design

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SoftGrid® Acoustic Baffles

Explore our recently expanded & growing library of designs

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Graphic Perf® Exterior Solutions

Create a striking brand experience with bespoke Graphic Perf®️ Exterior Solutions panels

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Define and design spaces with acoustic wall panels

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Modular Solutions for Acoustics & Lighting

Seamlessly Combine SoftSpan® & SoundBar®

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Unique Finishes

Soft Sound® Wood Texture Acoustic Systems

Bring a natural touch to spaces while enhancing acoustic performance through our Soft Sound® Wood Texture options, available across the majority of our lines of products, including Atmosphera Analog 3D, as seen here.

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Product Catalog

Get Inspired and View Our Complete Line of Products

View our product catalog to view a visual rundown of our product lines and get inspired for your next project.

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Arktura SoundStar
One Medical (Seattle, WA)
Our Technology

Made in Los Angeles and Amsterdam

Arktura designs and manufactures out of its Los Angeles headquarters and Amsterdam facility, combining cutting edge technology and software with a deep understanding of design to push the boundaries of architectural manufacturing.

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Solutions Studio®

Your Design and Fabrication Partner

If your project lies beyond the scope of our pre-configured architectural systems, let our Solutions Studio® team become your partner in design and execution. We brainstorm, test, code, and expand capabilities to make your ambition a reality. Visit our solutions page to learn more.

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