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Design Inspiration

9 Colorful Wall and Ceiling Panel Ideas for Commercial Projects

January 26, 2024

When it comes to commercial design projects, first impressions are critical. Creating a space that looks good and functions well is essential to achieve the ultimate wow factor. Incorporating colorful wall and ceiling panels adds a distinctive focal point to your next project. These distinctly decorative panels can offer a unique touch to the space and make it stand out. 

To create beautiful spaces that reflect the company’s brand and personality, designers must carefully balance and consider different design factors. Mixing and matching colors or materials while keeping the brand’s color palette in mind can lead to unique and tailored projects.  

Designers can cleverly use panels as an accent piece to add a pop of color or cover entire walls in colorful panels to make a bold statement. These versatile decorative elements can even add function to spaces with the addition of lighting or Soft Sound® acoustic backers. This post will explore colorful wall and ceiling panel ideas for commercial projects. 

Vivid, Branded Perforated Wall Panels 

“SunTrust Bank – Atlanta Airport” Atlanta, GA, Gensler. Photo by Laura Ten Pas. 

Create stunning first impressions with vivid wall panels to capture wandering eyes and draw them into your space. Perforated panels become artistic canvases with our custom design capabilities. Gensler worked with Arktura to elevate the brand experience with a custom Graphic Perf® design of SunTrust’s logo with panels in their blue and orange brand colors. 

Bright, Colorful Acoustic Ceiling Panels 

“Highland Park – Public Library” Highland Park, IL, Product Architecture + Design. Photo by McShane Fleming. 

Providing stunning looks and performative acoustics, the dual-action VaporSoft® Cora panels finished in Lemon Soft Sound® create a welcoming environment for kids at the Highland Park Library in Illinois. These bright and colorful finishes become even more striking with the addition of optional backlighting to shine through this modern pattern. 

Colorful Paint Behind Open Panel Designs

Arktura Solution Studio perforated panel in Apache
“Apache” Calgary, Canada, Gensler. Photo by Bruce Damonte. 

For a bolder display, adding color and texture in one step, use vivid wall paint paired with open panels. Arktura designed and fabricated this custom panel system featuring painted glass behind a perforated aluminum frame. Each panel was made of cast aluminum plate and perforated with a pattern that reflects the company’s rebranding and graphic strategy. 

Add Curb Appeal with Exterior Panels

“The Brick and The Machine” Culver City, CA, Abramson Architects. Photo by Sean Costello.

Set the stage for bold decor throughout your interior space with exterior panel options that make a statement. These customized mechanized panels are finished in a vivid blue, featuring linear perforations that act as shade from the Southern California sun. These stunning panels provide a beautiful dappled light effect through design, quality, and durability throughout the space. The finished project provides an exterior facade that expresses the vitality of the project’s vision. 

Create School Spirit with Subtle Hints of Color

“LSU” Baton Rouge, LA, HNTB. Photo by Michael Robinson. 

Take plain walls to the next level, activating them with school or company spirit. Bring any image, say a school mascot or corporate logo, into your interior space with our Solutions Studio® team. The Graphic Perf® Photoreal process begins by converting your image into a pattern of holes.  

Our proprietary software distributes these holes in a way that precisely reproduces the gradations of light and dark in your image onto aluminum panels. This design features micro-perforated panels showcasing a subtly colorful mascot for Louisiana State University. 

Add an Elevated Touch with Premium Pure + FreeForm Finishes

Photo render courtesy of Arktura. 

Elevated spaces call for elevated finishes to match. For a more unique panel finish, Arktura now offers premium finishes from metal designers Pure + FreeForm. Combine the best of both worlds and take your next commercial interior project to the next level with the stunning pairing of premium Pure + FreeForm tailored finishes and precisely perforated panels from Arktura. 

Acoustic Wall Panels Provide Form and Function

“GrubHub” Philadelphia, PA, Shive Hattery. Photo by James John Jetel, Inc.

Arktura’s SoftScreen® acoustic wall panels are designed to help you define spaces and aesthetics while reducing noise levels of any scale. Made from high-performance sound attenuating SoftSound® material, available in various colorful finishes, including wood textures.  

The modular panels can be installed in five different ways, including a sliding track, which makes them highly flexible and easy to use. They can be easily moved out of the way when not in use, making them a practical addition to any space. 

Add RGB Lighting to Dazzle Viewers  

“Capital One” New York, NY, TPG Architecture. Photo by Veronica Bean. 

To add color in a more dazzling and programmable manner, add optional RGB lighting to any perforated panel system. This custom Vapor® panel design above features a branded logo front and center, paired with colorful RGB lights. These lights can be programmed to perform lighting effects with various colors that will amaze viewers. 

Custom Colorful Designs from Solutions Studio 

“160 W Santa Clara” San Jose, CA, ESI.  Photo by Tkach Photography & Design Inc. 

Bring color to your custom design by partnering with our Solutions Studio® team of custom designers. More than just logos and brand names, Vapor® Graphic Perf® can transcribe detailed images like this map showing local waterways. The backlighting fades in and out of different gradients, providing movement and soothing spectral shifts that establish a welcoming, dynamic, and coveted character to visitors and tenants alike.  

Transforming Commercial Spaces with Colorful Wall and Ceiling Panels 

Incorporating colorful wall and ceiling panels is a great way to add character, function, and visual appeal to commercial spaces. Whether you opt for perforated panels, bright acoustic ceiling panels, or a combination of both, plenty of customizable options are available to suit any design need.  

For designs that will truly stand out amongst the pack, partner with our Solutions Studio® team to fulfill your design vision. With the help of custom design capabilities and finishes, these panels can take on a brand’s colors and personality to create a unique and tailored project.  

By utilizing these versatile decorative elements, designers can create beautiful spaces that not only look good but also function well, leaving a lasting impression on visitors and employees alike.

Contact our team to learn more about elevating your next project with colorful wall and ceiling panel options.

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