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Where Technology, Innovation, and Creativity Converge

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Who We Are

At Arktura, we're a passionate team dedicated to turning your vision into reality. By developing innovative architectural solutions, we bridge the gap between imagination and what's possible. Based in Los Angeles, we are an award-winning company responsible for visionary systems that fuse design, creativity, and cutting-edge technology.

We specialize in manufacturing standard to adaptive acoustic and metal systems, custom solutions, as well as outdoor architectural structures like facades, rain screens, & canopies. Our multidisciplinary team focused on collaboration allows all divisions to draw on our shared values to produce visually stunning results that fuel possibilities, turning your dreams into reality.

Our Team

Since our beginning in 2008, Arktura has boasted a growing, diverse, multidisciplinary team of collaborative experts in a wide range of specialties, including:

  • • Architecture
  • • Engineering
  • • Manufacturing
  • • Project Management
  • • Sales and more
  • • Product Development
  • • Marketing
  • • Human Resources
  • • Quality Control

All working towards a shared vision of making new design possibilities.

What We Do

We are a global leader in architectural design and fabrication. Arktura strives to revolutionize how we interact with the built environment by bringing fresh and dynamic concepts to the spaces where we live, work, and play.

Our three distinctive specialties – Standard, Adaptive, & Solutions Studio® – produce precise, unique, visually stunning results at all levels of designs and budgets.

Our Divisions

  • Standard

    Arktura offers a diverse selection of pre-configured systems for walls and ceilings. These include acoustic baffle arrangements and perforated metal panel systems. Our designs are optimized for easy installation and impressive results.

  • Arktura Vapor Graphic Perf backlit wall panels


    Our adaptive systems blend standard and custom designs for the best of both worlds. Lightly tailored systems that fit your specific requirements and installation conditions, with adaptable features from configurations to finishes.

  • Solutions Studio®

    Where "Fueling Possibilities" becomes more than a motto. Our Solutions Studio team is committed to bringing your custom design ideas to life. We provide innovative, creative solutions with the latest tech and design expertise.

What We Believe

Art is at the core of what we do here at Arktura—from designing and creating innovative perforated panel designs, assembling acoustic modules creatively, or utilizing the latest machinery + software to bring these stunning designs to life.

Our company culture is founded on three core values that drive our success and positively impact the world around us.

A.R.T. – Through precise craftsmanship, empowered ingenuity, and innovative technology, we lead in creating sustainable solutions that resonate and inspire.

Our Core Values


At Arktura, it is our responsibility to design and implement environmentally sustainable systems for the world around us. Our team shares a passion for our community, nature, and planet, which drives us to discover innovative, ecologically conscious ways of engaging with our surroundings.

Goals, Pillars, and Aspirations

• Arktura is committed to creating architectural systems for the built environment that leave as little environmental impact as possible.

• We are committed to making a positive impact by focusing on sustainability in our operations through increasing product transparency, eliminating harmful ingredients, and improving recycling opportunities from top to bottom.

• To guide us on this journey, we have published Arktura’s Sustainability Goals reference guide. This document includes our North Star goals and aspirations tied to sustainability.

Product Transparency and Declarations

• Our environmental declarations and reports, including EPDs (Environmental Product Declarations), HPDs, DECLARE Labels, LEED, and WELL Summary Sheets, are available for review.

• Additionally, our materials, products, and systems are now listed in some of the most popular and well-regarded materiality databases that display material content, performance stats, and more.

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Our New Home

Arktura’s operations, factory, and office headquarters are centrally located in one expansive campus. Our headquarters is conveniently located in Southern California and features 17,000 square feet of office area spread across two floors and features 112,000 square feet of factory floor.

Arktura’s Leadership Team

Arktura was founded in 2008 by Rob Kilian, Chris Kabatsi, and Kevin Kane, three architects and former classmates. Their mission was to push the boundaries of manufacturing using cutting edge technology and software.

In July 2022, a new leadership team was announced to continue bringing Arktura to the forefront of innovative design and manufacturing. Patricia Hoffman and Eric Blumberg were promoted to VP roles, overseeing Arktura's operations.

Our now global team continues this mission, finding new ways to fuse design with novel technologies and methods to allow architectural products and custom manufacturing to take on new synergies.

Part of the Armstrong Family

Global leader in ceiling and wall solutions Armstrong World Industries acquired Arktura in 2020. This acquisition by AWI has opened new doors for our company.

Armstrong's extensive experience in the building materials industry has allowed us to expand our reach and capabilities. With support from our parent company, Arktura can offer even more cutting-edge solutions for its clients, including new materials and technologies.

Some of Our Clients