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Design Inspiration

9 Exterior Canopy Panel and Baffle Options for a Commercial Building

October 31, 2023

Exterior building canopies have become an integral aspect of modern commercial architecture. They enhance a building’s appearance and serve practical functions like shading, weather protection, and energy efficiency.

Whether you’re an architect, designer, or building owner, learn how exterior canopies can enhance your commercial property’s overall appeal and functionality. The right aesthetic choice can have leave you with an innovative and sustainable building that inspires all.

Arktura offers various exterior panel systems to create an attractive and unique focal point for your project. Optional Arktura backlighting and more accessories further elevate these panels. To take your design process to the next level, our Solutions Studio can provide custom solutions that turn your dreams into reality.

In this blog, we will explore the importance of exterior building canopies in commercial projects. From strips malls to office spaces, to big box stores, a captivating canopy can do wonders for a business. Showcasing nine inspiring designs by Arktura that can help elevate the aesthetics and functionality of your next project.

1. Illuminated Ceiling Panel Canopy

“Quinnipiac University” Hamden, CT, Amenta|Emma Architects. Photo by Robert Benson.

An illuminated canopy can be a game-changer for any commercial building. It creates a striking visual curb appeal and provides visitors with a bright and welcoming environment. This type of canopy can make your building stand out from others, leaving a lasting impression on guests.

Additionally, it can enhance the safety and security of your space by providing better visibility at night. The above project features illuminated Vapor® Frequency panels.

2. Sleek Panels to Coordinate with Interior Project

Arktura Graphic Perf Scripted
“99 M. Street – BallPark Square” Washington, DC, Gensler. Photo by Prakash Patel.

With so much attention to detail paid to a space’s design, why limit it to just the interior? Further your design language and decor past the front doors with a continuous panel design.

Our Graphic Perf® Solutions metal panel systems are rated for both indoor and outdoor use, making them ideal for an uninterrupted display.

3. Unify Plazas and Courtyards Between Two Buildings

“25 Kent” Brooklyn, NY, Gensler. Photo by Joe Brennan.

Larger corporate plazas, complexes, and campuses can feature multiple buildings sprawled across a centralized area. These various buildings can feel disconnected without a unifying design element. Connect adjacent buildings with a custom facade element like the one above.

Arktura provided a Custom Delta Drop® Exterior system, including Vapor® panels and custom exterior Powder Coating in an industrial copper finish to clad the outdoor plaza.

4. Custom RGB Lighting

“160 W Santa Clara” San Jose, CA, ESI. Photo by Tkach Photography & Design, Inc.

For an elevated, illuminated welcome, add a pop of color! Interior and exterior projects can benefit from the colorful addition of custom RGB lighting. Beyond providing shade and protection from the rain, this outer space creates a cohesive design language sure to stick with visitors and employees alike.

160 W Santa Clara’s interior lobby extends to the grand exterior entry with a Vapor® Graphic Perf® installation featuring RGB Backlighting. This bright sight is programmed to cycle through day and night illumination shows.

5. Linear Metal Baffle Rain Screen

Arktura Solutions Studio featuring Atmosphera Analog for Sunset Media Center
“Sunset Media Center” Los Angeles, CA, Gensler. Photo by Ryan Gobuty.

Rain screens serve as a protective measure against moisture damage by facilitating the drainage of water away from the building’s exterior. Essentially, they create a barrier between the exterior cladding and insulation. This prevents the accumulation of moisture that could result in mold growth and other structural issues.

In addition to their functional benefits, rain screens can also enhance the visual appeal of a commercial building by creating a dynamic and textured facade. The above project features a custom louvered facade that transitions down three parking levels and melds with exterior ceiling system baffles from our Atmosphera® family of products.

6. Create Custom Built-In Canopies for Windows

“Elysian Fields” Los Angeles, CA, Warren Techentin Architecture, Inc.

Our Solutions Studio can design creative ways to build canopies into a building’s facade for a more unique and tailored option. This integrated touch adds a decorative and functional element to the overall project.

The perforated and formed aluminum panels, comprised of Exterior Graphic Perf®, gently curve along the facade, protecting against the harsh sun.

Other Bonus Inspiration Options

7. Linear Open Baffles for Shade

Solutions Studio - Great-Park- Irvine,CA - Building A - Soccer Center- 0012
“Great Park” Orange County, CA, NBBJ – Los Angeles.

Canopies aren’t just for the office or building entryways. For a custom way to protect guests from the elements, Solutions Studio is here to curate custom creations for the built environment.

Arktura’s Solution Studio® designed and fabricated multiple expansive canopies for this parkland’s championship sports stadiums, delivering shade to spectators while providing high design sophistication to this public development.

8. Outdoor Amenities

Arktura Solutions Studio®
“Seaview Outdoor Amenities” San Diego, CA, Ware Malcomb – SD. Photo courtesy of Back´s Construction, Inc.

Apart from rain screens and protruding awnings, standalone canopies can be a great way to provide shade in outdoor areas. From picnic tables to outdoor break areas, our Solutions Studio can design custom outdoor amenities for your next project.

For the above project, Ware Malcomb worked with Arktura’s Solutions Studio® to customize canopy structures that fit their design vision. Arktura’s Cora pattern inspired the perforations of the canopy.

9. Detached Shade Canopy

“ChinaTown Central Subway Station” San Francisco, RHAA. Photo by Caitlin Atkinson.

Create a more inviting space in public areas such as parks or transit stations with a welcoming canopy shelter. These provide a partially covered space for waiting patrons, protecting them from the elements such as sun, rain, and wind.

Our Solutions Studio team designed the above canopy for the Chinatown Central Station in San Francisco.

Let Arktura Design Your Future

When designing a commercial project, a lot of attention is paid to the interior of the building, where people will be working, living, and playing. However, an exterior is just as important as it provides the first visual impression for first-time visitors. Create a comfortable and functional experience for them with the right type of exterior canopy designed by Arktura and our Solutions Studio.

Contact our team to learn more about elevating your next project with the design experts at Arktura.

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