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  • Arktura Atmosphera® Analog with integrated lighting installed in office.

Architectural Systems

Our architectural systems are devised with flexibility in mind, combining powerful design variables that allow each product to be tailored to a wide range of environments. Our ceiling systems, interior and exterior feature wall panels, and building façades set new standards across the A+D community in terms of design aesthetic, adaptability and product quality.

Each of our standardized products is an easy-to-use, highly flexible “tool set.” From overall configuration right down to attachment points, perforations, patterns and finishes, the variables designed into each core product set can be adjusted to meet your requirements. Explore our products library to see the results—visual impact, simple refinement and ease of installation.


We were founded around the creation of beautiful, functional forms that have the power to transform space. Our dividers and partitions channel years of excellence in architectural manufacturing, in combination with the company’s early roots in furniture, to deliver thoughtfully designed human-centric solutions.

Arktura Solution Studio Exxon Kiosk
  • Arktura Solution Studio HH Installation
  • Close up of Arktura Solution Studio Starbucks LAX

Solutions Studio

The openness, flexibility, and exceptional manufacturing capabilities that inform Arktura’s standardized products define the essence of the Solutions Studio—our home for truly unique custom assignments. If your project lies beyond the scope of our preconfigured architectural systems, let the Solutions Studio become your partner in design and execution.

Every custom project unfolds through a fully collaborative process. Members of our project management team host intensive conversations to understand the unique demands of your project and to help further your design intent. Workflow is carefully managed, and our manufacturing techniques and infrastructure are adapted to achieve the highest levels of precision and visual impact. We brainstorm, test, code, and expand resources and capabilities—whatever it takes to make your ambition a reality.