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Our Team Is Your Team

/ Los Angeles, CA


Arktura was founded by architects who believe in the careful recruitment and training of great people. We take a multidisciplinary approach to project teams, drawing from our in-house staff of architects, engineers, designers, technologists and artists to maximize flexibility and creativity while maintaining our core values.

Expertise in architecture and design allows us to grasp each project’s goals and pursue them through to flawless execution. Our exceptional standards—both technical and aesthetic—demand a high degree of openness and an uncompromising dedication to precision.

Manufacturing as an Art Form

/ Made in the USA

Every Arktura project benefits from our commitment to systematic research and development. We embrace leading manufacturing technologies and consistently open doors to new ways of working. When it comes to client interactions and project management, our curiosity and ingenuity allow us to act as true design partners, listening closely, exploring possibilities and adapting our processes accordingly.

Those same qualities make us nimble manufacturers. Our factory operates as a design and engineering studio, constantly bridging the gap between the digital and the physical world. Whatever the assignment, we operate within tolerances normally found in aerospace industries—where competitors measure in fractions of inches, we measure in microns.

Information and Support—at Your Disposal

/ Let us know how we can help

Our sales representatives know that ambitious design comes with risks. From pre-design conversations onwards, they contribute expertise and local knowledge to mitigate inherent risks and help ensure the success of your project. Our in-house sales team is augmented by a global network of highly knowledgeable independent representatives, extending our capacity to offer on-the-ground support. Whatever your location, our budgets and delivery schedules will always be clear, efficient and intelligent.

Request a meeting to review your project and we’ll work to support you every step of the way.

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