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Arktura Featured in GB&D Pro – Going Beyond Tools: Demystifying Parametric Design

July 17, 2023
Arktura Atmosphera Analog 3D

Arktura was recently featured in Green Building and Design Pro. Our newest article, written by Arktura Computational Designer Kellan Shanahan, “Going Beyond Tools: Demystifying Parametric Design” is now available for all to read. This educational resource goes deep into the principles of Parametric design, going beyond computer assisted design work, the article clarifies what this style truly means.  

From its origins in mathematics to its application in the arts, get an encompassing overview on what parametric design is truly all about. Parametric design has brought about a significant change in the approach to architecture and engineering, providing precise and efficient solutions. The approach has yielded unprecedented design, structure, and automation efficiencies, enabling the creation of complex and continuous forms.  

Although the term “parametric” has been subject to both criticism and praise, it has revolutionized architecture over the last 20 years. The roots and principles of parametric design stretch back into the previous century and across artistic disciplines. 

Arktura Solution Studio Pinkberry LAX

Read the full article to learn how Arktura has adopted these design principles and applied them to our full range of products. From standard, to adaptive, to custom works, our lineup of commercial acoustic and panel systems are designed with this style of innovative intent.  

For more information on these innovative product lines or questions about incorporating them into your next project, please get in touch with your local rep to learn how Arktura can fuel your possibilities.    


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