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Arktura Outlines Sustainability Goals and Actions

May 13, 2024

At Arktura, we are devoted to designing and manufacturing sustainable architectural solutions that are mindful of the wellness of both people and our planet. We strive to improve the built environment in a way that betters the Earth.

Today, we are publishing Arktura’s Sustainability Goals reference guide. This document includes our North Star goals and aspirations tied to sustainability, as well as a summary of several key achievements and ongoing efforts in our journey to be a more sustainable company.


Our sustainability goals as a company are to: 

  • Create interior and exterior architectural products, including lighting solutions, with as little environmental impact as possible.
  • Reduce our carbon footprint, increase product transparency, eliminate harmful ingredients, and improve upon established recycling practices in our production and office facilities.

This living document is an excellent tool for our team to highlight these sustainability goalposts we intended to hit and expand on. For transparency, we are making this document available for all. 

As a company we are continually evolving our efforts to streamline productivity and reduce waste. Building off the foundation of our sustainability blog covering material databases here, this document includes detailed highlights of our current efforts at both our office and manufacturing center including:

  • Product Materiality
  • Internal Actions
  • Recycling Efforts
  • Waste reduction efforts
  • Recycled content and more

This document provides a comprehensive view of our company’s sustainability initiatives and goals in these areas.

View the interactive version here. 

Contact your local rep here to learn more about our sustainability efforts or to specify our systems for your next wellness-oriented project. 

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