As architects, we not only understand architectural design. Everything we do is centered on preserving its core intent, and fully bringing your vision to life. With an emphasis on demystifying the notion of "custom," we seamlessly deliver powerful, cost effective installations as a result of our advanced software-to-manufacturing capabilities and project management expertise.


Across our team of extremely talented architects and designers we accelerate project results by leveraging superior technology. There are plenty of options in the marketplace to “build” or “fabricate.” However, infusing advanced technologies – and technology oriented team members – brings real results. Efficiencies in design and production, advancements in approach can all influence the final product and add real value in terms of time, budget and finished product.


Our manufacturing processes, production team and unparalleled equipment allow for powerful results. We have always maintained and valued an orientation toward precision. Our production process, tools and equipment all, operate in terms of micron-level tolerances that yield precise results comparable to aerospace industry standards. It’s this kind of thinking and action that produces seamless installations in the field and beautiful results without compromise.


Across the lifecycle of a project, we ground our actions in honed Arktura methodologies that continually bring design intent to perfectly finished life. We utilize best practices in experience design, psychology, facilitation techniques and being all-around good conversationalists to push people to better ideas and closer collaboration.

Our Work Flow

  • Design Consultation
    All members of our project management staff have backgrounds in architecture and engineering. They will work closely with you from the beginning to understand the complex demands of your assignment. Our goal is not simply to preserve the original design intent but to nourish your creativity, helping you take your projects further than ever.
  • Facilitation
    Our expert staff will guide the workflow throughout the life of your project. Through structured facilitation and collaboration, we identify critical project factors and clear paths to success. Every Solutions Studio project requires a customized approach, and we hold ongoing project meetings to discuss, review and adapt our process for optimal results. Whether we’re hosting design charrettes, reviewing mock ups, coordinating with installers or touring our facilities, we help you stay engaged with every step of the design/build process.
  • Execution
    Our manufacturing process is fluid. On the basis of facilitated project meetings, we tailor the right workflow, equipment and approach to fit your project needs. If it takes a new tool, process or machine to realize your vision, we will invent it, putting our creativity and expertise at your disposal. Our mastery of technology and our staff of in-house programming personnel, scientists and manufacturing leaders offer each project the highest level of precision, craft and versatility.
  • Installation
    When it comes to final installation, our project management team provides comprehensive oversight. Our products are always easy to install, and we provide highly detailed documentation to clearly articulate the complexities of the assignment to the team on the ground. We work with a national network of preferred installers whose skill and experience you can trust down to the last detail.

Canopies, Kiosks & Sculptures

  • Great Park Canopies – Orange County, California / Show Details

  • Private Interactive Art Canopy / Show Details

  • Scoreboard LAX / Show Details

  • Pinkberry LAX / Show Details

  • Frame Works Kiosk / Show Details

  • Mobius Cloud / Show Details

  • Starbucks LAX / Show Details

  • Entry Portal, Microsoft / Show Details

Custom Ceilings

  • Marcus Mariota Sports Performance Center / Show Details

  • Vitol / Show Details

  • LAX T-6 / Show Details

  • Town Hall / Show Details

  • Koin Lobby, Portland / Show Details

  • Ceiling-Ge-Health-Ceiling--Chicago,-IL_WEB_2

    GE Health / Show Details

  • University of Pennsylvania Theatre / Show Details

  • Guthy Renker, Los Angeles / Show Details

  • San Antonio Convention Center / Show Details

  • 71 Above / Show Details

  • XpresSpa LAX / Show Details

  • LinkedIn / Show Details

Custom Furniture

  • Squall Reception Desk / Show Details

  • Donor Benches / Show Details

  • Spring Street Park / Show Details

Custom Rain-Screens

  • 2100 Grand / Show Details

  • Lululemon, Melrose Avenue / Show Details

  • Sunset Media Center / Show Details

  • SECTA / Show Details

  • SILVER LAKE SCREENS / Show Details

  • Parkdale Community Center / Show Details

Exhibits & Art Installations

  • Private Interactive Art Canopy / Show Details

  • Architects for Animals – Flora-Gato / Show Details

  • Modern Atlanta Exhibit / Show Details

  • A+D Exhibit / Show Details

  • NARS Product Display / Show Details

  • Lekino / Show Details

  • Moca Pavilion / Show Details

  • DIFFA Dining by Design 2017 / Show Details

  • Art Of Design 2013 / Show Details

  • HH Installation / Show Details

  • Art Of Design 2012 / Show Details

  • Zev Yaroslavsky Family Support Center Civic Artwork , Los Angeles 2015 / Show Details

Feature Lighting

  • Halo / Show Details

  • Strand Tower / Show Details

  • LAX T-6 / Show Details

  • FIT Room / Show Details

  • Bayer HQ / Show Details

  • W Hotel Conference Room / Show Details

  • E&O Light Fixture / Show Details

Screens & Wall Systems

  • Bar Frolik / Show Details

  • Mercedes Benz / Show Details

  • UCLA Sculptural Fence / Show Details

  • IBM Watson – Data Swarm / Show Details

  • Lennar Verano / Show Details

  • APA-DC / Show Details

  • Fin Wall / Show Details

  • SLS Theatre / Show Details

  • Vienta Wall / Show Details

  • Apache / Show Details

  • Gensler’s working walls / Show Details

  • Norfolk Southern / Show Details

  • Wolf Point / Show Details

  • IBM Watson, San Francisco / Show Details

  • Koin Lobby, Portland / Show Details

  • Toyota / Show Details

  • Bit Wall / Show Details

  • Dallas Reunion Tower / Show Details

  • FCS / Show Details

  • E&O Screens / Show Details

  • Colfax / Show Details

  • PWC HQ / Show Details

  • CME NYMEX / Show Details