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Design Inspiration

5 Coffered Ceiling Design Ideas

January 12, 2021
Arktura SoftSpan 96

In a large, open space with high ceilings, managing the noise and reverberations from everyday activity can be a challenge. You want to maintain the open feel of the space as well as allow access to the ceiling, but traditional drop ceilings don’t allow for either. Acoustic coffered ceilings and trellis systems, however, add texture and acoustic comfort to a room and each brings its own benefits to a design.

That is why Arktura created an innovative acoustic baffle system that can recreate the look of timber trellises or coffered ceilings. Constructed with our high-performance PET Soft Sound® acoustical material, SoftSpan™ is an incredibly versatile system that creates a beautiful, functional space.

Coffered Ceiling Design Ideas

These 5 design ideas will inspire your creativity and help you integrate this modern take on a classic design.

1. A Continuous Grid

Arktura SoftSpan 24
“Office Workspace” Featuring: SoftSpan™ 24 by Arktura

SoftSpan™ 24’s compact grid is the ideal choice for a large open office area where noise can quickly become overwhelming. The trellis design maintains the open feel while adding enough texture and depth to the ceiling to make the room exceptionally comfortable. The acoustic trellis is constructed from Soft Sound® material to reduce the impact of noise from typing, phones ringing and conversation.

2. Suspended Sections

Arktura SoftSpan 48
“Reception Area” Featuring: SoftSpan™ 48 by Arktura

For a stunning design, utilize suspended trellises. This design lowers the ceiling while adding an element of interest. Incorporating separate trellises keep the ceiling from overwhelming the rest of the design, while visually breaking up this large space into smaller sections. Suspended lighting along with the suspended sections keep the area open and bright.

Arktura SoftSpan 48
“Reception Area Ceiling Detail” Featuring: SoftSpan™ 48 by Arktura

This design integrates the optional closure beams to create a clean minimal look. It is manufactured with Soft Sound® material that works in concert with the design, reducing and controlling reverberations.

3. Varying Beam Height

Arktura SoftSpan 48 A
“Office Lounge” Featuring: SoftSpan™ 48 A by Arktura

For a layered look, choose SoftSpan™ 48 A. This design enhances acoustics and reduces the impact of noise. Since it is available in a variety of colors and finishes, you can be sure to find the perfect fit for your design aesthetic. 

In this design, the trellis is constructed from a light-toned Soft Sound® material that contrasts the dark green of the ceiling and complements the columns and light wood floor.

SoftSpan 48 A Detail
“Close Up” Featuring: SoftSpan™ 48 A by Arktura

Soft Sound® Wood Textures are a wonderful choice to replicate the character and warmth of timber ceiling trellises with a fraction of the weight. This three-dimensional grid provides acoustic comfort and adds texture and depth to the ceiling design.

4. Get Colorful

Arktura SoftSpan 96
“Airport Terminal” Featuring: SoftSpan™ 96 by Arktura

SoftSpan™ 96 utilizes large trellis beams to create a sense of magnitude, and choosing Soft Sound® acoustical material in a color that coordinates with other design elements adds continuity throughout the space. 

This versatile ceiling baffle system is scalable across large and small spaces. As with all of these trellis-style acoustic features, this system is open to the ceiling to allow access to lights, HVAC, rigging points, plumbing, AV equipment and life safety systems.

5. Coffered Ceiling

“Elegant Bar Seating” Featuring: SoftSpan™ 48 by Arktura

To transform a trellis into an acoustic coffered ceiling, you can add coffer panels to any trellis design. These panels create an enclosed look that further enhances acoustics and reduces the noise impact in the space.

Coffered ceilings are ideal in large areas with high ceilings. Inspired by the architectural style of Baroque and early Renaissance homes where the exposed framework of the roof created a grid pattern on the ceiling, coffered ceilings have been given a modern upgrade.

A trellis can be combined with coffered ceiling panels to enclose the space and add even more acoustic performance. It can also enclose some of the ceiling and leave other spaces open, as in this design that utilizes the SoftSpan™ 48 trellis system with SoftSpan Coffer Panels, Product Design Consultant – Gensler, for a unique look that targets noise in specific areas.

Design Your Space With Arktura

No matter which type of acoustic ceiling design you’re dreaming of, Arktura will work with you to realize your vision while enhancing performance and comfort. Talk with one of our design experts today to learn more about how we can improve your space.

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