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Design Inspiration

7 Medical Office Interior Design Ideas to Enhance Wellness

August 4, 2023

When designing healthcare offices, it’s essential to consider more than just functionality and aesthetics. Creating a space that promotes patient wellness and comfort can improve a patient’s overall experience. One aspect that is often overlooked is acoustics.  

A noisy environment can be stressful and distracting, which is the last thing a patient needs when visiting their doctor. Innovative sound-absorbing systems from Arktura, such as acoustic baffle or ceiling cloud systems, are an excellent way to combat this. Additionally, these medical acoustic systems can help reduce medical equipment noise. 

Another vital aspect to consider is patient wellness. This can be achieved through calming colors, natural lighting, and comfortable furniture. Biophilic office design, which incorporates elements of nature into the medical wellness center, can also positively affect patient wellbeing. Add plants, nature-inspired artwork, or a living green wall to create a soothing environment. 

Read below to learn more about how these innovative designs and features can help increase patient wellness and make for a more comfortable visit. 

1. Creating a Wellness Centered Waiting Room 

“Mayo Clinic” Rochester, MN, BWBR Architects. Photo by Brandon Stengel – Farm Kid Studios. 

Providing patients and their families with a welcoming and serene environment is crucial when designing spaces for healing. Put minds and hearts at ease with lush greenery, comfortable seating, and warm tones. These decorative elements blend in nicely with our Vapor® Syntax perforated ceiling panels.  

2. Motion Filled Ceiling Decor 

“Penn Presbyterian Medical Center” Philadelphia, PA, Ewing Cole – PA, Photo by Halkin Mason.

Create a calming atmosphere for patients by using your ceiling. The undulating fins reflect and spread light, providing a peaceful path for patients. Designers and installers can customize Atmosphera® Analog 3D‘s organic baffle system to improve the overall appearance of the space. This soothing design can help patients feel more comfortable during their health journey. 

3. Creative Acoustic Applications  

“YPMD Pediatric Neurology Clinic” Ladera Ranch, CA, Synthesis DNA.

Proper acoustic attenuation reduces excess noise and creates a more pleasant environment. It can be particularly beneficial in a patient waiting area, especially for children. At YPMD Pediatric Neurology Clinic, we have designed a custom patient waiting room using Soft Sound® acoustic material to ensure maximum comfort and tranquility. 

4. Cozy Comfort from Wood Textured Systems 

“Children´s Research Hospital” Memphis, TN, Evans Taylor Foster Childress Architects & ICrave. Photo courtesy of Armstrong World Industries.

Using natural wood tones can make a space feel calm and connected to nature. SoftSpan® 24 is a ceiling baffle system that looks like modern coffered ceilings or timber trellises but without the weight of natural wood. Adding Soft Sound® coffer panels can improve the area’s acoustics and create a more enclosed look. 

5. Concentrated Acoustics 

Arktura SoundStar
“BioMed Center” Providence, RI, DBVW Architects. Photo by Heidi Gumula.

While filling an entire room or office with acoustic ceiling panels is not always cost-effective, there is a more focused alternative. Singular acoustic clouds, like SoundStar®, can be installed above specific areas to deliver concentrated acoustic coverage. In this dental office, SoundStar® modules enhance sound quality while adding visual interest and geometry to the space. 

6. A Dash of Biophilic Design Elements 

“BioMed Center” Providence, RI, DBVW Architects. Photo by Heidi Gumula.

Add a pop of color to your medical offices with a green wall filled with plant life. This biophilic interior design is meant to connect patients to nature as a part of a holistic approach to healthcare. Overhead, Vapor® Cluster Dense panels are field trimmed to the clinic’s unique office space, providing a unique ceiling element as patients walk around. 

7. Adding a Dynamic Touch to an Otherwise Sterile Room 

“TriHealth, Harold M. and Eugenia S. Thomas Comprehensive” Cincinnati, OH, GBBN Architects.

Medical facilities can make some people uneasy, but they can also provide a peaceful environment for rest and recovery. Using the right decorative architectural elements allows a sterile or intimidating medical office to become a welcoming, secure space. The custom illuminated Vapor® panel system surrounding this MRI machine transforms a dimly lit room into a shining, natural, and immersive setting. 

Arktura Provides Comfort and Style 

Enhance the comfort of your healthcare space while reducing noise with Arktura’s customizable wall and ceiling installations.  

Contact us today to see how our products can be tailored to meet your specific needs and provide optimal noise control for your facility. 

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