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7 Unique Feature Wall Design Ideas for the Modern Office

June 2, 2020
Arktura Solution Studio 3D density map of the United States

Offices spaces often have very unique design needs. The space needs to be appealing to visitors, on brand and meet the needs of employees. Of course, there are many ways that you can achieve these goals, but one uncommon way that you can enhance the design of your space is to include a feature wall in the decor.

Feature wall designs can vary greatly in appearance and serve a variety of goals. They can be as simple as an accent color wall or as dynamic as a full mosaic mural. Feature walls may also perform practical functions, including sound absorption and privacy paneling.

Feature Wall Design Ideas

The following seven feature wall design ideas will help inspire your next office design.

1. Dynamic Wall Division

feature wall design ideas Arktura Solution Studio fin wall
“Fin Wall” Los Angeles, CA, AECOM LA, Featuring: Fin Wall by Arktura

Many modern offices have open floor plans so that employees can better communicate and adjust their work areas to better meet their needs. They also often contain areas such as lounges and kitchens where people can congregate. 

By using a baffle wall, you can create some privacy and partition off a section of an open space without creating a solid wall that will break up the visual flow. The wall in the above image includes bold colors to create an interesting visual statement and divide the room at the same time. 

2. Colorful Curves

feature wall design Arktura Solution Studio perforated feature wall for PWC
“PWC” Los Angeles, CA, AECOM, Featuring: Arktura Solutions Studio®

Smooth, curving lines are an attribute of most contemporary designs. With this wall system, you can add curves to your design along with bright colors and a fun pattern. 

This feature wall design helps divide the space in a way that makes it seem more of a work of art than a necessary component of the architecture. The playful colors add some whimsy to a room that is otherwise monochromatic in tone. 

3. Sculptural Elements

feature wall ideas Arktura Solution Studio faceted wall for Norfolk Southern
“Norfolk Southern” Atlanta, GA, Interior Architects – Atlanta, Featuring: Faceted Wall System by Arktura

However, feature walls don’t need to be colorful in order to be attractive. This wall uses dimension rather than color to achieve its goals. 

The subtle white on white of the wall adds decoration that doesn’t compete with the other elements in the room. This lets the furnishings take center stage, while the wall creates a more interesting backdrop than a solid, plain white wall would bring.

4. Topographical Design

Arktura Solution Studio 3D density map of the United States
“BIT Wall” Houston, TX, PDR Corp., Featuring: Bit Wall by Arktura

Feature walls can also be used to display a well-known image, such as logos or maps. This map of the United States is done in rods of varying length, so it has a topographical feel to it, bringing dimension but without needing to be colored. 

It’s instantly recognizable and adds drama to what would otherwise be a plain, bland wall. 

5. Dramatic Backdrop

Arktura Vapor Liana Hospital
“Bright Lounge” Featuring: Liana by Arktura

Open atriums are becoming more and more popular in office design, resulting in oversized walls that can be bland and lead to echoes. These walls are the perfect place to put a really dramatic feature wall. 

This perforated wall is perfect for the area, as its design emphasizes the open space, while also reducing echoes with the addition of a Soft Sound backer. It really is possible to get great design and noise control at the same time. 

6. Inset Reception Feature

Arktura's Vapor Graphic Perf backlit ceiling and wall panels in a reception lobby.
“Custom Wall” Featuring: Vapor Graphic Perf by Arktura

Reception desks are unique areas, and they need to be eye-catching enough to draw people in, while still matching the rest of the decor in the room. This space solves this dilemma with a lit backdrop feature behind the desk. 

It’s set back, so it doesn’t overwhelm the people stepping up to the desk, but it’s still distinctive enough, thanks to traveling up onto the ceiling from the wall, that it can be seen from anywhere in the room. 

7. Subtle Defining Accents

Arktura Soft Sound
“Dr. Ying Peng TI” Ladera Ranch, CA, Synthesis – DNA,  Featuring: Solutions Studio® – Soft Sound® Sheets by Arktura

This unique hallway features a lot of interesting angles partitions off the seating, creating several places for people to sit and work, relax or communicate. To add some detail, acoustic wall coverings were used to line the benches and the spaces around the doors. 

It creates a unique, futuristic appearance, accents and highlights several parts of the space, and helps control sound — all at the same time. 

Enhance Your Modern Office Space

Feature wall ideas are nearly endless with the number of materials and possibilities available today. Whether you need your wall to be merely aesthetic or you want to add some more functionality to your space, these seven wall ideas are a great place to start. 

Create your own unique feature wall to enhance your office space today. For assistance in creating your wall design, contact Arktura to speak with an expert.

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