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5 Ceiling Panel Styles With Integrated Lighting and Acoustic Options

April 4, 2022
Acoustic Lighting: 5 Ceiling Panel Styles and Options

The lighting and acoustics of any space can have a significant impact on everything from the productivity of the room to its aesthetic appeal. Today, there are several innovative and creative ways to combine both acoustic and lighting that will enhance the design and functionality of any space. If you’re looking for acoustic panels with integrated lighting, it is essential to understand the options that are available to you to bring both form and function to your next project.

With interior acoustics, you may have heard of the term Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC) rating, a term used to evaluate the acoustic absorption of a space. Ratings fall between 0.00 to 1.00. 

NRC ratings gauge the ability of materials to absorb or reflect sound. When a material reflects all sounds that hit it, that material has an NRC rating of 0.00. Materials that absorb all of the sounds that hit them have a rating of 1.00. Essentially, the higher the NRC rating, the better acoustic performance a space will provide.

Unfortunately, material testing methods vary across manufacturers and industries, and many NRC claims that are made are unregulated and incorrect. However, here at Arktura, we offer True NRC® to help you gain a solid understanding of the true acoustic performance of its ceiling panel styles. With our Soft Sound® acoustic backers, any number of integrations with our ceiling panels can provide powerful acoustic control.

Below we take a look at five of the best ceiling panel styles with integrated lighting and acoustic options for your consideration:

1. Elegant Minimalism for a Timeless and Reassuring Classic

Acoustic Lighting
“Modern Office Space” Featuring: Vapor® Element by Arktura 

For any environment in which cohesion and consistency in design are required, using ceiling panels with a classic, beautifully downplayed pattern is always an excellent choice. Our Vapor® Element panels feature aluminum torsion spring ceiling panels that are powder-coated for intriguing simplicity.

Vapor® Element has equal-sized circular holes that are spaced evenly across panels, allowing plenty of light to filter through without creating a congested aesthetic. When minimalistic, timeless ceiling panels like these are integrated with a Soft Sound® backer, the acoustics are fine-tuned to just the right degree.

2. Inspire with Scattered Lighting on a Classic Diamond Grid

Inspire with Scattered Lighting on a Classic Diamond Grid
“Commercial Office Space” Featuring:  VaporSoft® Cora  by Arktura

Integrating lighting options and acoustic control into ceiling panels can be done without adding excessive clutter to your ceiling space. Our VaporSoft® Cora line has a Soft Sound® acoustic material face and makes it easy to add a variety of illuminating effects to ceilings with backlighting options that include both natural and artificial solutions. The wall portion of VaporSoft® Cora combines this with Soft Sound® backers, while the ceiling portion integrates with Arktura backlighting

VaporSoft® Cora seamlessly joins walls and ceilings, making it an ideal choice for a wide variety of applications that demand a classic look without being mundane. Paired with Soft Sound® backers, Cora can muffle sounds like phones, typing and voice echoes without hampering clarity.

3. Invoke Dynamic Motion with Linked Hexagonal Shapes

Invoke Dynamic Motion with Linked Hexagonal Shapes
“Futuristic Office” Featuring: Vapor® Bond  by Arktura

Acoustic ceiling panels that invoke dynamic motion without over-stimulating can elevate the custom layout of any space. Arktura’s new Vapor® Bond ceiling tiles feature patterned hexagons to provide seamless design without interruption.

Vapor® Soft Sound® backer dulls the sharp edges of noises and annoyances in professional environments. It also reduces reverberations in conference rooms, assembly halls and other spaces. Pairing acoustic ceiling tiles with integrated lighting promotes productivity without harsh light or sound elements.

4. Let Light Fall as it Will Through Varied Acoustic-backed Patterning

Let Light Fall as it Will Through Varied Acoustic-backed Patterning
“Modern Work Space” Featuring: VaporSoft® Trail by Arktura

The benefit of our ceiling panel offerings with optional Soft Sound® acoustic backing is to provide customers with the ability to be ultra creative. Perhaps some areas will utilize Soft Sound® backing while others will not. In parallel, many of the designs we’ve already covered offer creativity with where to put lighting behind the panels, depending on the design of the panels themselves or where lighting is available in the ceiling space.

We understand not all clients have the control nor desire to create the acoustic scenario and visual aesthetic themselves. They’re looking for the whole package – the best of ceiling panel aesthetics with integrated acoustic backers to set against their current lighting design.

With our VaporSoft® Trail ceiling panels, we come right out of the gate with a fully integrated Soft Sound® acoustic backing. The patterned perforations of varying sizes and configurations create an intrinsically creative and inspiring pattern when relying on standard ceiling lighting options above the panel.

Do not be fooled – VaporSoft® Trail immediately creates a powerful aesthetic and offers out-of-the-box, integrated Soft Sound® acoustic backing to offer our customers the complete package to dramatically enhance the most standard of commercial spaces.

5. Embrace Organic with Nature-Inspired Patterning

Embrace Organic with Nature-Inspired Patterning
“Bright Lobby” Featuring: Vapor® Shift X by Arktura

There are certain spaces that demand a dramatic ceiling that doesn’t hinder lighting and doesn’t muddle acoustics. Using nature-inspired patterns on ceiling tiles in contemporary areas provides an ideal blend of industrial lines and organic beauty for sophisticated spaces.

Vapor® Shift X ceiling panels are powder-coated aluminum torsion spring panels that add an idyllic design to ceilings and command attention. 

These panels feature layered nature-inspired designs that signify the concept of natural growth without being overbearing. The design allows plenty of integrated lighting to shine through, and acoustic control is maximized when used with Soft Sound® acoustic backing.

Take Your Ceiling to the Next Level with Arktura

When designing interiors, it’s extremely important that acoustics and lighting are both thoughtfully chosen. Ceiling panel styles that allow the integration of light — natural or artificial — while also optimizing acoustics with integrated backers is the solution for many applications across a variety of industries. 

If you’re looking for premium acoustic ceiling panel styles that go far beyond “just another ceiling,” contact Arktura today!

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