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Arktura Featured in GB&D Pro – Leveraging Pre-Configured Architectural Systems for a Custom Look

March 25, 2022

Arktura’s latest featured article in Green Building and Design, Leveraging Pre-Configured Architectural Systems for a Custom Look, written by Arktura’s Brand Experience – Copywriter and Communications Lead, Ricardo Ortiz is now live. A collaborative thought leadership piece featuring Senior Sales Director Rich Gesteland and Systems Development Coordinator Eric Lopez, spotlighting the various ways in which Arktura allows designers and architects to fully fulfill their design vision. Through a combination of creative layouts, material, finish, and accessory options it’s possible to spec a full project using only standard, pre-configured systems to deliver the look a fully customized project, without breaking the budget. 

In the beginning stages of a project, the question will naturally arise: Will this be a preconfigured, out-of-the-box system or a custom solution? Each approach has its advantages and drawbacks to consider, depending on the scale and design intent. Arktura has innovated a way to strike a balance between knowing the best project specs to dial in through early coordination, specifying the simple kit-of-parts system, or a more complex and dynamic custom solution.


Pre-Configured Solutions 

Defining these terms in this industry-specific example is essential before getting into standard versus custom specifics. For architectural and acoustic systems, like the ones provided by Arktura, standard products refer to ready-made to order, preconfigured systems. “Another advantage is the testing that our preconfigured systems have been through. These systems have been thought out and rigorously tested. When you use those systems, it is also easy to order replacement parts or hardware,” says Eric Lopez, systems development coordinator at Arktura.


Modifying Standard Solutions 

But what if this standard, out-of-the-box system isn’t suitable for your next project? Before going over to the opposite end of the pendulum and creating a fully customized spec project, it is worth looking at what options you have within the confines of standard. This could relate to finishing, size, and optional accessories to bring a more individualized touch to preconfigured products. These tailored preconfigured systems may sound like a misnomer, but thanks to assorted options such as material, finish options, and layout/configurations, it is simple to get a more curated look from our standard designs. 


Fully Custom Projects – Solutions Studio 

More curated and custom projects come with advantages over simple standard products, like fully executing a client’s vision. If a potential client is looking for a fully custom, made-to-order system outside of our traditional preconfigured products, Arktura’s Solutions Studio can bring that vision to life. Through a collaborative process between a client, our project managers, and more from our team, Arktura’s Solutions Studio can fully realize design intent and execute the unique demands of any project. This process results in truly breathtaking projects that would normally not be possible with a standard, kit-of-parts approach. 

Read the full article to explore all the great ways Arktura works with clients to bring their dream design vision to life. Find out how we utilize a mix of standard, pre-configured systems, adding additional finish and accessory options for a more tailored look, or by creating something custom just for them.  


For more information on elevating your next project, reach out to your local Arktura Rep here. 


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