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Arktura Featured in GB&D Pro – A Guide to Innovative Acoustic Comfort through Performative Systems

June 20, 2022

Arktura’s latest featured article in Green Building and Design Pro, A Guide to Innovative Acoustic Comfort through Performative Systems is now live. Written by Arktura’s Project Development & Brand Manager, Brice Corder, this article covers the basics of acoustic design and planning for commercial retail or office space. This article is the most recent in a series of collaborative thought leadership articles for the builder-centric publication. Quickly examining the harmful effect of a loud and distracting environment on a building’s inhabitants, both employees and customers alike, the article then takes a deep dive into how to outfit a commercial space, both new builds and retrofits alike with acoustic products.  


The article starts by looking at a common scenario, walking into a new office space for the first time, with a large open floor plan with no dividers and high ceilings. For both new builds and remodels, this type of layout can be a nightmare for clashing sounds as there is nothing to absorb the excess noise.  

From straight-forward acoustic baffles to more intricate patterned acoustic clouds, this article touches on the basics of proper sound attenuation from these simple ceiling-mounted solutions to more integrated options such as ceiling panels with acoustic backers or partial dividers made of the same Soft Sound material. Thanks to the return to the office in tandem with “Open Office Fatigue,” now is the best time to reorient your commercial space for optimal productivity and auditory delight.  

The piece ends with a mini case study on one of our most recent projects, like the hypothetical raised in the article, our award-winning headquarters build for Neustar. Serving as both a starting guide for these kinds of commercial projects and a showcase for the fantastic products that Arktura offers, the article contains crucial details and tips for adequately outfitting retail and office spaces. 

Read the full article below to explore all the great ways to control excess sound with a wide variety of acoustic products that elevate your commercial design. For more information on these product lines or questions on incorporating your next project with acoustic wellness, please reach out to your local rep to learn how Arktura can fuel possibilities for your next project. 


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