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Design Inspiration

5 Wood-Look Acoustic Systems for Nature-Inspired Spaces

May 31, 2022

The profound connection between human civilization and the building of structures with natural materials—namely wood—cannot be overstated. Wood and stone for construction are so fundamental that one could argue that the building of structures with these natural materials was the genesis of human civilization. The manipulation of wood and stone literally shaped villages, towns, great cities and empires.

But with the exponential growth of knowledge of the natural world and science, societies were able to discover and create better materials for construction. Concrete and steel, in particular, have literally set the stage for the modern world, and their aesthetic has long since been admired and representative of this new age.

Despite these new discoveries and applications, the materials of the past still resonate with us. As the world becomes ever-more technologically advanced, building aesthetics are surprisingly trending back to a nature-inspired look. Wood, in particular, elicits a connection to nature that people crave — especially in our cell-phone obsessed world. 

Integrating sound attenuating wood-look wall panels and ceiling systems into a space not only increases sound control and acoustic comfort, but it also enhances the aesthetic by creating a special and productive space. Beyond the romanticism, there is indeed something deep in ourselves that calls us back to the woods we emerged from long ago. 

Modern offices and commercial spaces can capture this aesthetic and create a naturally relaxing yet productive area. Available in different shapes and styles, there is no end to the possibilities of wood-look wall panels to create a nature-inspired space. Explore the many ways Soft Sound® Wood Texture acoustic systems can combine emotional design benefits with performative enhancement to truly convert a space. 

1. Criss-Crossed Wood-look Baffles Reminiscent of an Elegant Web

These ceiling panels are installed to look like a wooden web.
“Soft Sound® Wood Texture Baffles Close Up” Featuring: SoftGrid® Switch by Arktura

It’s easy to get caught up in these SoftGrid® Switch acoustic ceiling modules that are reminiscent of an elegant web. Rather than being predictable, this innovative ceiling system appears unmethodical with seamless connections that allow the web to span any space, large or small.

2. A Sea of Wood-look Baffles Seems to Shift and Move Like a River 

A lounge has various tables for people to eat, chat and relax. Two people are sitting and talking at a table, and a person is walking toward them.
“Mead Johnson” Chicago, IL, Partners By Design, Tom Harris Architectural Photography, Featuring: Atmosphera® Adaptive Analog 3D by Arktura

This bold design undulates across the ceiling to create the impression of waves that mimic the Chicago River it overlooks. Atmosphera® Adaptive Analog 3D wood-look ceiling panels allow for a customized surface design that can influence the feel of the space while controlling noise and incorporating a natural look.

3. Vertical, Perforated Screens Infuse Acoustic Control with Wood-look Coloring and Interstellar Style

Three panels are separating two spaces. They have a natural wood pattern.
“Intricate Panels” Featuring: SoftScreen® Stellar by Arktura

For customizable acoustic control, SoftScreen® Stellar takes its cue from the night sky with varied circular perforations and the ability to control noise as it flows through a space. Made with our Soft Sound® material in natural wood patterns, these panels enhance a nature-inspired aesthetic. Available in full or half pattern wall panels, the amount of acoustic control is up to you. 

This small table with two chairs is separated from a large sitting space with wood-look wall panels
“Secluded Meeting Space” Featuring: SoftScreen® Frequency by Arktura

For a digital vibe, SoftScreen® Frequency offers a dynamic wood-look pattern that decreases in intensity as it travels down the panel. Various installation methods mean that you’ll find the perfect way to incorporate wood-look wall panels into the space, whether you need them on a sliding track, cable hung or direct mount.

4. Trellised Wood-look Baffles Paired with Foliage Bring the Outdoors Inside

This large space has a long table and a bar area for seating, there are various plants in the space, and the ceiling has large trellis beams.
“Bright Restaurant” Featuring: SoftSpan® 96 by Arktura

As a garden feature, a trellis provides a place for plants to thrive. By bringing the outdoors inside with a trellis-style wood-look baffle system, you establish a connection with nature that both soothes and energizes. 

SoftSpan® 96 uses large trellis beams to enhance acoustics and reduce noise in any space, large or small. You can also choose from SoftSpan® 24, SoftSpan® 48 and SoftSpan® 48A for a more closely gridded system. These sizes also offer the option of adding SoftSound® coffers to enhance acoustics and reduce noise in any space, large or small, or integrated Panel Lighting, to illuminate spaces, and create skylight effects.

A conference room has two long tables with various black chairs. The ceiling’s panel system mimics the look of a wooden trellis.
“Natural, Open Break Room” Featuring SoftSpan® 48 by Arktura

This system allows you to create a timber trellis indoors without the weight of a traditional wood trellis. Our SoftSound® Wood Texture captures and controls noise while adding a sense of natural colors and textures.

5. Utilize Wood-Look with Perforations to Evoke a Natural Texture, Such as Cork

This hallway has wood panels on the walls. There is a person sitting on a bench next to the stairway.
“Neutral Walls” Featuring VaporSoft® by Arktura

VaportSoft® Cluster torsion spring panels faced with our Soft Sound® acoustic material can be installed on the ceiling or on the wall to control noise where you need it most. With two levels of perforation density, Cluster Dense and Cluster Sparse, you have even more control over the acoustics of a space. The continuous pattern aesthetic allows you to span large areas without any noticeable transition between panels.

Create a Nature-Inspired Space with Arktura

Choosing wood-look wall and ceiling panels allow you to bring the outdoors in and create a nature-inspired look that creates acoustic comfort in any space, regardless of the size. From coffered ceilings and elegant webs to wall panels that move where you need them, Arktura’s range of solutions allows you to create the ideal space that is customized to your needs and specifications.

Contact our design experts at Arktura today to see how our wood-look wall panels and ceiling systems can enhance a nature-inspired look in your space.

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