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Arktura Featured in GB&D Pro – Using AI to Generate Architectural Design

April 14, 2023

Arktura’s latest featured article in Green Building and Design Pro, Using AI to Generate Architectural Design, is now available for all to read and enjoy. This educational write-up by our very own Majeda Alhinai, details the emerging toolset that artificial intelligence brings to the design and construction industry.  

The in-depth article covers the basics of AI Text to Image generators, how these deep learning technologies work, how to gain the best possible results from AI, potential use cases for our industry and much more!  

Utilizing AI text to image tools allows designers, developers, architects, and more the chance to design architectural systems, including outside the box creations, in a fraction of the time it takes a standard designer to create. Simply entering in a prompt can yield almost instantaneous results with the AI creating multiple variants of the image requested. This technological breakthrough can create some artistic and imaginative results.  

Arktura Solution Studio Interactive Art canopy

By knowing what the AI is really looking for in a prompt you can have the best odds of generating the artwork needed for the task at hand. This educational, thought leadership piece covers the ins and outs of AI in its current state along with drawbacks and where the AI needs a human touch to create top tier results.  

Read the full article below to explore how to take the first steps in utilizing AI text to image generators as part of your toolset. For more information on these featured product lines or questions about incorporating them into your next project, please get in touch with your local rep to learn how Arktura can fuel your possibilities.    

Link to Full Article

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