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Delta Drop® Expansion Adds Versatility Through Two New Panel Types

April 10, 2023

Take your design to another dimension. Our Delta Drop® line of faceted wall and ceiling panels now allows more diverse application possibilities than ever through the addition of two new panel styles – Flat Panels & Transition Panels. These join our standard Delta Drop® panel for Delta Drop® 2×4 and Delta Drop® 4×4 to create a system of three types that can be installed independently or together to create unique conditions and functional layouts.


Flat Panels offer the same dimensional appearance as standard Delta Drop® panels in a flush form factor. This new flat structure provides enhanced versatility as well as functionality that can easily be field-trimmed and modified in ways not previously possible.

Transition Panels deliver gradation to help form a seamless transition from wall to ceiling panels. Create dynamic waterfall effects with Delta Drop® panels ascending other planes or create distinctive layouts using multiple panel types. 

Both new panel types will be available in Half Pattern, Full Pattern, and Solid options, in both 4×2 and 4×4 size options. Add further functionality by pairing these new panels with optional Arktura Backlighting or SoftSound® backers for acoustic attenuation in a wall or ceiling installation. 

To learn more about these new panels, visit their product pages, or contact your local rep for product questions or sales inquiries. Our team is here to help fuel possibilities for your next project!

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