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Arktura Unveils 5 New Vapor® Wall & Ceiling Panel System Designs

December 15, 2021

Arktura is excited to announce another expansion to its Vapor® line of torsion panel systems with the introduction of 5 new dynamic designs – Verve, Bond, Element 3428, Transit, and Solid. These innovative designs follow the Architectural Record Magazine 2021 Record Products award win by Arktura’s biophilic inspired additions to the line, Vapor® Bloom and Breeze. All five designs expand the line’s emotionally textural depth and versatility while offering easy installation, accessibility, and performance driven accessory options.

These pattern expansions are full of movement and life across design variants:

  • Verve features precision linear perforations throughout, allowing your eye to travel the distance of the panel following the pattern across a space. 

  • Element 3428 presents a bold array of uniform circles, expanding on the growing family of Vapor® Element patterns. 

  • Transit evokes aerial views of nighttime cityscapes with its blend of perforated and solid areas.  

  • Bond highlights a hexagonal design reminiscent of chemical compounds. 

  • Solid is a continuous panel, as the name implies, allowing your design to flow seamlessly throughout any space, and/or use to break up dynamic and impactful Arktura Patterns, with subtle texture and color. 

Arktura’s Vapor® line of products consists of 2’x4’ panels, compatible with standard torsion-spring ceiling grids and Arktura’s Vertika® wall channel system, affording both ease of installation and access to crucial HVAC and building integration and life support systems. In addition, their pre-configured designs allow patterns to scale and tile continuously, without visible seams. Couple this with countless color and finish options and Arktura’s complete line of accessories, including integrated Arktura Lighting, and acoustic Soft Sound® backers, to bring both form and function to your next project.

View our Vapor® explainer video for a brief summary of the line:

To learn more visit our Vapor® line and product pages, or contact your local rep for product questions or sales inquiries. Our team is here to help fuel possibilities for your next project! 



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