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Arktura Elevates Award-Winning SoftSpan® & SoundBar® Acoustic Baffle Systems with Interconnectivity & Features Enhancements

December 14, 2021

Arktura is proud to present updates to our award-winning SoundBar® and SoftSpan® product lines that raise the bar of creative acoustic solutions. This revamp adds new attachment options to both lines and allows the two systems together with unprecedented compatibility, to unlock near limitless possibilities. The revision makes it easy to combine linear and square grid designs to bring forth brand new configurations that can be customized to any clients specific needs. This connectivity update brings a new level of design possibilities as creatively endless as an architect’s or designer’s imagination allows, working in conjunction to create new and unique layouts. Not only can the grid system of SoftSpan® connect seamlessly to the linear acoustic SoundBar®, but these new configurations can also be further upgraded with new lighting options, creating even more design possibilities. The ultimate in modularity, easily link together SoftSpan® trellis grids, recently awarded Best in Category from Architectural Record’s 2021 Record Product of the Year honors, with SoundBar® acoustic and lighting beam system, also a previous Record Product winner. This new updates have been designed to be implemented at any stage of the design process, working equally great in new construction or retrofits.

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Combining these two different systems is a new joiner block allowing arrangements that come together with ease, all while reducing install time. This allows select SoundBar®  profiles to connect directly with SoftSpan® 24, 48, and 48A modules. Also included in this update are True NRC® rated Panel Lighting for SoftSpan® 48 and 48A, to illuminate spaces while further controlling the impact of noise, and new end caps options, made of our acoustically pleasing Soft Sound® material for a consistent aesthetic running throughout.  These environmentally sound products ship with 100% Flat Pack Assembly for all modules without lighting. Choose from a library of color options, as well as Soft Sound® Wood Texture options, to recreate the look of timber trellises and beams, and give your space a biophilic touch.


Pictured: SoftSpan® 48A and SoundBar®

Pictured: SoftSpan® 24, SoftSpan® 48, and SoundBar®

Shine a light on your next project with SoundBar®, offering both up and down lit lighting options, with power and suspension coming from the same cable for minimal visibility. This update also brings optional integrated coffer infill backlighting for SoftSpan® 24, 48, & 48A. Allowing even more opportunities for illumination and lighting effects as the two systems are combined. Soundbar® modules offer inline lighting in the same linear form factor, bringing together luminance and acoustic bliss.

Pictured: SoftSpan® 48 and SoundBar®

Pictured: SoftSpan® 48A and SoundBar®

SoundBar® comes in a variety of sizes, lengths, and widths, allowing you to create unique layouts that best suit your project’s needs. Not only do these two systems look great when combined, but are also equally functional, at dampening sound and enhancing acoustics in any echo-ridden space. Perfect for massive spaces such as assembly halls, lobbies, and conference rooms for more precise uses in commercial offices. An expansive library of finishes and materials will allow you to mix and match, putting a personalized touch on your upcoming project.

This revision also makes installation easier through the expanded use of an easy pin-latch assembly system, and more versatile, through the addition of new attachment methods including Unistrut Mount, T-Grid Mount, and Direct Mount options, adding to the traditional Cable Hung method.

Two award-winning lineups come together at last to usher in a new era of acoustic wellness and design. Allow your imagination to run wild with the endless possibilities and configurations that are now available for your next project. Reach out to your local rep now to get started today!

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SoundBar® & SoundBar® in Use Together


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