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Design Inspiration

10 Ways to Transform Your Business with Exterior Facades

July 5, 2024
Arktura Solutions Studio exterior facade for Lululemon

In today’s competitive business world, making a solid and memorable first impression is more important than ever. One way to achieve this is through a well-designed and eye-catching exterior facade for your building or business.

Your building’s facade is more than just walls – it’s a billboard, a handshake, and a reflection of your brand or personality. The exterior facade serves as the face of your establishment, setting the tone for what’s inside and drawing in potential customers. A well-designed, attractive exterior facade can grab attention, create a positive first impression, and increase property value. But where do you start?

1900 Gallows Road” Vienna, VA, WDG. Photo by Ron Blunt.

With customizable options ranging from designs to accessories, you can create a facade that reflects the identity of your business and captivates passersby’s attention. The beauty of decorative facades lies in their versatility. You’re not limited to just paint or stucco! With various materials, textures, and finishes, you can create a facade that perfectly complements your building’s style and function.

These striking facades can also act as rain screens. Rain screens are an essential consideration for any exterior facade. They not only protect the building from moisture and the elements but also contribute to energy efficiency and sustainability. By incorporating rain screens into the design, you can enhance the durability and performance of your building while also reducing maintenance costs in the long run.

Collaboration is vital to nailing the final design of your project. Working with a team of experienced professionals at Arktura, we can bring your vision to life while ensuring that the exterior facade meets your practical and aesthetic requirements.

Elysian Fields” Los Angeles, CA, Warren Techentin, Inc.

From initial concept development to the final installation, a collaborative approach ensures that the result aligns with your expectations and elevates the appeal of your business or building.

These facades below offer a world of possibilities to transform your building’s exterior from bland to grand. Let’s look at some creative ways we have transformed building exteriors.

Functional Rain Screens by Solutions Studio®

The Brick & The Machine – Arktura Culver City, CA, Abramson Architects. Photo by Sean Costello.


The building’s design showcases a striking array of bespoke rolling metal panels that grace the exterior and the open-air balconies. These sliding frames feature perforated and rigid panels, with some panels offering mechanized movement. This dynamic feature allows the carefully crafted panels to shield against the shifting sun effectively and provide precise control over the building’s internal temperature. Adjusting the layered screens empowers users to tailor light, shade, and privacy to their preferences.

Landmark Exterior Facade Perforations 

180 W Tasman Dr – Arktura San Jose, CA, Fong & Chang Architects. Photo by Digital Rover LLC.

Aside from custom imagery and patterns, Arktura’s Solutions Studio® can incorporate branding and addresses into your design. The facade of this Santa Clara County facility features its building number perforated onto massive metal panels, creating a landmark effect with a striking first impression.

Locally Inspired Rooftop Immersion 

PTC – Global Headquarters – Arktura Boston, MA, Margulies Perruzzi. Photo by Warren Patterson.

Have you ever wanted to bring an image or unique pattern to life in perforated metal paneling? Graphic Perf® Solutions offers a way to bring those dreams to the built environment. The rooftop patio of PTC’s Global HQ in Boston, MA, features an illuminated panel system with tree-lined perforations. This shining element brings a warm, inviting feeling to this building amenity.

Tell a Story with Your Facade Design

BNA – Signature Terminal – Arktura Nashville, TN, Schenkel Shultz.

Bring a personal touch of history to your building’s facade with Solutions Studio®. Signature FS unveiled its new FBO terminal at Nashville International Airport. Upon arrival, you are greeted with an extensive Graphic Perf® Custom Photoreal Exterior treatment, paying homage to Nashville’s iconic music legacy. This facade creates a distinct identity while connecting to the local history.

Striking First Impressions 

UNLV Hospitality Hall – Arktura Las Vegas, NV, Carpenter Sellers Del Gatto Architects.

Arktura’s facade designs don’t all have to come in solid panels or have a perforated form factor. Our creative Secare® system adds texture that is visible from outside and inside the structure, creating an impressive visual feature. The hospitality industry inspires this design at UNLV’s premiere program in the building’s architecture by creating a space that reflects the industry’s finest resorts. This facade exudes a visually dynamic and permanent presence while reducing the harsh desert sun’s western exposure by up to 60% for its occupants.

Biophilic Architecture 

555 Robson – Green Wall – Arktura Vancouver, BC, MCM Interiors Ltd.

Facades can be more than just aesthetic; this functional design at 555 Robson in Vancouver, BC, combines a lattice style design with our Vapor® Cora pattern. This design allows outside plants and shrubbery to scale the side of the building, creating a “green wall.” Eventually, the facade will be more natural than visible metal, creating a biophilic addition to this area.

Artistic Arrangements

Culver City C3 Facade – Arktura Culver City, CA, Gensler.

More than just metal, design with nature. Arktura collaborated with media artist Refik Anadol to create a dynamic, dichroic-glass, fin-based sculptural wall for the parking structure at Culver City’s C3 development. This installation complements and enhances the Gensler-designed space with colorful, Southern California sun-fueled projected refractions that change throughout the day.

Tailored Design Work

Arktura Graphic Perf® Photoreal Exterior at Parkdale

“Parkdale Community Center” Las Vegas, NV, Carpenter Sellers Del Gatto.

The Parkdale Recreation Center used custom rain screens with Arktura’s Graphic Perf® technique to display inspiring messages on its facade. The panels were carefully designed and fabricated to combine striking text with artistic expression, serving as a beacon for the neighborhood and bringing the community together.

Create a Two-Tone Exterior Facade

Continental 2171 Rosecrans – Arktura El Segundo, CA, RDC.

Arktura’s Secare® Exterior facade panels, seen above in a horizontal orientation, provide texture and screening for its 2171 Rosencrans project. The multi-unit retail center features textural finishes in concrete, aluminum, and Secare®’s linear panels to add nuance and texture to the facade. The preassembled panel modules are designed to seamlessly integrate into the facade while providing sun protection and dynamically responding to the retail and hospitality center’s needs by allowing the building’s integrations to be combined within the design.

Custom Designed with Nature

One Workplace – Arktura San Jose, CA, Design Blitz. Photo by Bruce Damonte.

Graphic Perf® Solutions provides a unique way to integrate your own designs into the final product. For One Workplace in San Jose, CA, our team created an exterior cladding feature wall that would blend with the former warehouse’s reclaimed and reworked industrial look. Arktura worked with Design Blitz SF to develop a customized perforated pattern using raw steel sheets that would age naturally and enhance the environmental graphic’s connection to the existing industrial structure. The outcome is a striking entry facade that captivates those who pass through it.

No One Makes First Impressions Like Arktura

Transforming your business with a stunning exterior facade offers numerous opportunities to captivate your audience, tell your brand’s story, and enhance the functionality of your building. By working with the experienced professionals at Arktura’s Solutions Studio®, you can create a visually striking facade that makes a memorable first impression.

Whether through functional rain screens, illuminated displays, landmark perforations, or biophilic architecture, the possibilities for enhancing your building’s exterior are endless.

Contact your local rep to learn more about bringing performative Arktura’s custom exterior capabilities to your next project.

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