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Design Inspiration

Designing With Perforated Ceiling Panels: 12 Elegant Examples

October 27, 2020
Arktura Vapor ShiftX

Perforated ceiling panels present the opportunity to integrate the ceiling into a design concept. They provide a nearly endless array of design choices that reduce noise and reverberations. 

Arktura’s Soft Sound® acoustic backing comes in multiple colors to complement any design’s color palette, or optional integrated lighting can create an illuminated space perfectly customized to your needs. These unique design components easily blend together to create elegant and functional spaces.

Perforated Ceiling Panels Design Ideas

Let’s look at 12 elegant examples to get you inspired for your next project.

1. Define a Space

Arktura Vapor Cluster
“NBC Tower Metropolis” Chicago, IL, Eastlake Studio – CH, Jared Powell (Photographer), Featuring: Vapor® Cluster by Arktura

In this large open space, defining separate areas presents a design challenge that is solved with perforated metal ceiling panels. By incorporating an elegant ceiling-scape, this design creates a more intimate space where it would otherwise feel large and impersonal. 

To achieve this design, Vapor® Cluster is used directly above seating to make the area feel separate while still being part of the larger space. With two levels of perforation density available, Cluster Dense and Cluster Sparse, you can create the perfect custom design that fits the needs of your space.

2. Bring Algorithms to Life

Arktura Vapor® Byte installed in elevator lobby.
“Elevator Lobby” Featuring: Vapor® Byte by Arktura

This elevator corridor’s ceiling perfectly blends aesthetics and functionality. Vapor® Byte features square-shaped holes that bring algorithms to life. Perfect for this edgy, modern space, integrated backlighting adds illumination to the already bright space. 

3. Pixel Power

Arktura Vapor Pixel
“Elmer A Knopf Learning Center” Flint, Michigan, Stantec – Berkley MI, Jason Keen (Photographer), Featuring: Vapor® Pixel by Arktura

Vapor® Pixel powder-coated aluminum perforated ceiling panels are used here to create an eye-catching entrance. This design incorporates multi-sized circles that are staggered along each panel and add an architectural element to the exterior of this otherwise standard style building. 

Evoking the essence of coding, this design literally leads the way to learning. Our high-quality perforated ceiling panels are manufactured with aluminum that is on average 50% thicker than the competition. This strength and quality make it effective for outdoor, as well as indoor, use.

4. Guide the Way

Arktura Vapor Cora
“1201 W Lake Lobby” Chicago, Illinois, Eastlake Studio – CH, Steve Hall, Hall + Merrick (Photographer), Featuring: Vapor® Cora by Arktura

Perforated metal ceiling panels don’t need to just blend into a design — they can be a standout element, instead. That’s what happened here, with Vapor® Cora guiding the way through the room and into the elevator hallway. The continuous design ensures that the pattern isn’t broken, concealing where each panel begins and ends for a continuous design.

5. Quicken the Pace

VaporSoft Trail with Frosted Backer and Arkluma™ Backlight Integrated Lighting installed in office.
“Open Office” Featuring: Vapor® Soft Trail by Arktura

Evoking fast-paced motion, Vapor® Soft Trail perforated metal ceiling panels are truly unique. The continuous pattern means no visible breaks between tiles, making this style perfect for a long, narrow room. The optional backlighting highlights the trail of large circles, tapering off into smaller circles to create a fast-paced effect. 

6. Level Up

Arktura Vapor Frequency
“Lecture Hall” Featuring: Vapor® Frequency by Arktura

In this large meeting space, acoustic performance is crucial. With Vapor® Frequency perforated acoustic ceiling panels and Soft Sound® acoustic backing, you can define a large space while reducing and controlling reverberations. Integrated strips of light push your eyes forward to the front of the room, putting the focus on the speaker. 

7. Dual-Tone Design

Arktura Vapor Cora
“1201 W Lake Lobby” Chicago, Illinois, Eastlake Studio – CH, Steve Hall, Hall + Merrick (Photographer), Featuring: Vapor® Cora by Arktura

This modern take on a classic diamond pattern creates an elevated design in this elevator corridor. Dual-tone Vapor® Cora perforated ceiling panels on the ceiling, as well as on the adjoining wall add dimension to the small space without overwhelming your senses. And the lighted ceiling panels illuminate what could otherwise be a dark space.

8. Nature Inspired Layers

Arktura Vapor Shift X
“Elevator Lobby” Featuring: Vapor® Shift X by Arktura

With nature-inspired patterns, Vapor® Shift X perforated ceiling panels create a beautifully natural aesthetic. Large perforations achieve a lowered ceiling without closing in the space. Because you can layer different sized patterns, you can create a unique design that provides both depth and interest. Pairing this style with wood elements enhances the natural feel. 

9. Make the Grade

Arktura Vapor Gradients
“Subway Station” Featuring: Vapor® Gradients by Arktura

A standard drop ceiling gets a much-needed upgrade with Vapor® Gradients perforated steel ceiling panels, which transform the standard grid to create an interesting visual impact. This one-of-a-kind layout effectively conceals mechanical ceiling equipment. And the Soft Sound® backer adds acoustic comfort by reducing distractions from everyday sounds such as conversations and typing.

10. Add Movement

Arktura Vapor Liana
“Hospital Reception Area” Featuring: Vapor® Liana by Arktura

Vapor® Liana’s wave pattern achieves an illusion of movement, softening the stark environment of a high tech office space. Soft Sound® acoustic backing is available in multiple colors, and this design uses Kiwi backing to accentuate the design, highlighting the perforations. 

11. Space Age Style

Arktura Vapor Element
“Computer Lab” Featuring: Vapor® Element by Arktura

With Vapor® Element perforated metal ceiling panels, a standard grid pattern meets elegant minimalism. Integrated InLine lighting breaks through in long bars, creating a space-age style perfect for this updated, modern office. 

The high tech vibe, achieved through evenly spaced circular holes, creates consistency and cohesion. Adding Soft Sound® acoustic backing reduces distracting noise for a comfortable and productive office.

12. Create a Limitless Canvas

Arktura Vapor Graphic Perf
“Howard Hughes” Las Vegas, Nevada, EV&A Ed Vance and Assoc. – Vegas, Featuring: Vapor® Graphic Perf® by Arktura

Wall and ceiling tiles are transformed from a simple ceiling into a limitless canvas with Vapor® Graphic Perf®. This system of perforated metal ceiling panels combines the Vapor® and Graphic Perf® systems into a stunning cutting-edge design. Using Arktura’s proprietary, algorithmic software and manufacturing expertise, we can transfer any image or pattern onto perforated metal ceiling panels, fulfilling your aesthetic vision. 

Integrated lighting and custom color or Soft Sound® acoustic backer panels bring your scene to life. In this space, the customized graphic adds depth, dimension and elegance to the design. 

Make Your Vision a Reality

Arktura’s perforated metal ceiling panels combine elegant design concepts and cutting edge manufacturing techniques to create the perfect ceiling-scape. Customizable with acoustic sound backing and integrated lighting, our perforated ceiling panels will ensure that the ceiling doesn’t go unnoticed as it enhances the room’s aesthetic and function. 

These 12 elegant examples are just the beginning. Contact Arktura today to make your vision a reality.

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