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18 Creative Ceiling Design Ideas for Commercial Spaces

October 12, 2020
Arktura Atmoshpera Pulse

Creative Ceiling Ideas

Here are 18 creative drop ceiling ideas featuring Arktura’s unique ceiling tiles:

1. Create Geometric Shapes in a Gymnasium

Arktura Solution Studio faceted acoustic ceiling in Town Hall for Noble Energy
“Town Hall” Houston, Texas, Kirksey Architecture, Joe Aker (Photographer), Featuring: Solutions Studio® custom ceiling faceted panels made of Soft Sound® by Arktura

Arktura’s geometric patterned, custom made Town Hall ceiling tiles are an eye-catching solution that adds personality and elegance to any space and is designed with the “shifting and fragmented planes of the Earth” in mind. They are made using Arktura’s Soft Sound® material and have an added steel backing, they are an excellent solution that addresses the acoustic issues of multi-use spaces such as gymnasiums. 

2. Make a Bold Statement in a Conference Center

Arktura Atmosphera Analog 3D
“Oregon Convention Center” Portland, Oregon, LMN Architects, Sally Painter (Photographer), Featuring: Atmosphera® Analog 3D Ceiling Panels & Tiles by Arktura

To create a truly inviting conference center, consider the bold design of Atmosphera® Analog 3D tiles. Atmosphera® Analog tiles can be completely customized to the project’s needs, making it possible to create a stronger connection with visitors or employees. The tiles create flow and texture, and when made in Arktura’s Soft Sound® material, helps manage noise levels, creating more comfort. 

3. Choose Something Funky and Fun

Arktura Atmoshpera Pulse
“Comcast” Atlanta, Georgia, Hendrick, Inc, Clear Sky Images (Photographer), Featuring: Atmosphera® – Pulse – Customizable Ceiling Systems by Arktura

Atmosphera® Adaptive Pulse is a customizable tile that makes for fun creative ceiling ideas. These interconnected panels are designed to lead visitors deeper into the building or to a specific area, but are customizable, allowing you to choose how open the design is. Pulse tiles come in steel, with five different colors available, allowing you to create a design that matches your space. It is a great option for the food industry, like ice cream and frozen yogurt shops.

4. Go for a Web-Like Look

Arktura SoftGrid Switch
“Acoustic Ceiling Detail” Featuring: SoftGrid® Switch in Soft Sound Wood Texture by Arktura

In terms of creative false ceiling ideas, creating a web-like appearance is sure to draw attention. SoftGrid® Switch’s acoustic ceiling modules help create an intricate ceiling web that you can customize to be big or small. It can create something unique for office spaces, and a massive color selection allows you to choose from basic colors or wood tones for a more natural feel.

5. Get Full Customized Panels

Custom Soft Sound Alohilani Ballrooms, Honolulu, HI
Alohilani Ballroom” Honolulu, Hawaii, PADG Pacific Asia Design Group, Hawkins Biggins Photography (Photographer), Featuring: Solutions Studio® – Custom Ceilings by Arktura

Arktura has no shortage of beautiful and creative ceiling tiles. Sometimes, however, you want something that nobody else has in order to make your space unique. Fortunately, Arktura has a dedicated team that can help create the perfect ceiling solution for any space, whether it is a reception hall or an office.

6. Go Industrial in Transit Centers

Arktura Vapor Gradients
“Subway Ceiling Detail” Featuring: Vapor® Gradients by Arktura

Arktura’s Vapor® Gradients’ tiles are the perfect option for creative ceiling design in a more industrial setting. These powder-coated aluminum panels can easily be transformed from a standard grid to make unique patterns that create movement across the space. With Gradients, you can create a pattern unique to your project, with a wide range of colors available to fit your needs.

7. An Easy Geometric Ceiling

Arktura SoftGrid
“Airport Terminal” Featuring: SoftGrid® Ceiling Grid Panels by Arktura

The SoftGrid® collection from Arktura can help bring various creative ceiling ideas to life. There are endless possibilities, from creating simple patterns that span across the whole ceiling to fun shapes like hexagon and honeycomb patterns.

8. Make an Intricate Pattern

Trace®panels can be removed easily to access building infrastructure.
“Creative Office” Featuring: Trace® Straight by Arktura

Another powder-coated aluminum ceiling tile option is Arktura’s Trace® Straight. These tiles feature a more classic, rectangular shape, though they offer more creative drop ceiling ideas. Like other designs, Trace® Straight creates an intricate web-like pattern that you can enhance with InLine backlighting. These tiles also come with options for brighter backlighting or a Soft Sound® backer to help with the acoustics.

9. Add Some Depth to Corporate Offices

Arktura Delta Drop
“Wiley” Hoboken, New Jersey, TPG Architecture, Eric Laignel (Photographer), Featuring: Delta Drop® 2×4 Ceiling Panels by Arktura

Where Trace Straight is flat, Arktura’s powder-coated aluminum Delta Drop® tiles are an option that creates depth and dimension for creative ceiling ideas. Delta Drop® tiles combine geometry with dimension in long, 2×4 tiles that can go from covering your ceiling to being attached to a wall. You can add optional backlighting for some additional light or add an optional Soft Sound® backer for acoustic support.

10. Soften the Industrial Look

Sphera® ceiling system in white installed in Zillow office.
“Zillow” Seattle, Washington, JPC Architects – Bellevue, Featuring: Sphera® Standard Ceiling Systems by Arktura

Utilizing the infrastructure of a building can make for a modern, industrial design choice, which can be beautiful but harsh. To soften that appearance, you can try a ceiling tile idea that is also a bit of an artwork in itself. Arktura’s Sphera® system creates cloud-like groupings of rings, which come in various colors, to create depth and help transform your space, without hiding the industrial look.

11.  Create a Dimensional Office Look

Arktura SoftFold
“USC Shoah Foundation” Los Angeles, California, Belzberg Architects, LLP, Bruce Damonte (Photographer), Featuring: SoftFold® by Arktura

SoftFold® is another ceiling system from Arktura that offers a dimensional look, and, with the addition of Soft Sound® acoustical material, helps soften office noise. The tiles come in various colors and textures that can go from subtle to bold and that play off light and shadows.

12. Focus on Noise Reduction

“Open Office” Featuring: SoundAngle® by Arktura

Having the right acoustics is critical, and Arkutra’s SoundAngle® ceiling system, made with V-shaped baffles, helps decrease acoustical reverberations across large spaces. The angled design, combined with construction from Arktura’s Soft Sound® material, creates a product that drastically reduces noise from all directions while adding a dimensional look to the ceiling. SoundAngle® comes in various colors and finishes, two depths and different lengths to create the perfect design for your space.

13. Create a Work of Art

Arktura Soundstar
“Cushman & Wakefield Global Headquarters” Chicago, Illinois, Whitney Architects, J.J. Jetel (Photographer), Featuring: SoundStar® Hexagon Ceiling Panels by Arktura

SoundStar® is a geometric design with dimensionality. Since it is made with Arktura’s Soft Sound® material, it improves the space’s acoustics and prevents sound from floating across the room. Each module consists of an angled surface held together by a powder-coated aluminum frame. The system comes in various colors and textures and comes in 12″ and 24″ depths, allowing you to mix-and-match for a stronger visual effect.

14. Forego the Average Tile 

Switch 48® installed in lobby.
“Double Layered” Featuring: Switch 48® Open Modular System by Arktura

There is no denying that Arktura has countless creative ceiling ideas, but none may be as unique as our Switch 48® ceiling system. Switch 48® is made of carefully placed aluminum rods that are held in three-dimensional space. The preconfigured modules help to create a fine-grained, multidimensional mix of pattern and color. They can be suspended at varying heights, making it possible to create a wide range of configurations.

15. Go With a Vertical Design

Alluvia® Custom installed above corner of lobby area.
“Sitting Space” Featuring: Alluvia® Custom by Arktura

Where Switch 48® features horizontal aluminum rods, Alluvia® Custom is a system that features vertically hung tubes, perfect for a wide range of spaces, including atriums and waiting rooms. Even in a small space, Alluvia® Custom can transform a space and draw attention.

16. A Modern Take on Classic Tiles

Arktura Frequency
“Lecture Hall” Featuring: Vapor® Frequency by Arktura

Vapor® Frequency is a classic look with a modern twist and works well with creative ceiling design. These powder-coated aluminum panels feature a more “digital” look that creates a path for visitors to follow, making it great for hallways and medical facilities. Vapor® Frequency also comes with options for integrated backlighting and acoustical Soft Sound® support.

17. Go Industrial

Arktura Trace
“Woodruff Sawyer” San Francisco, California, Brereton Architects, Cesar Rubio (Photographer), Featuring: Trace® Skew Torsion Spring Panel System by Arktura

Sometimes you want an industrial look for something different. Arktura’s Trace® Skew is the perfect option, with powder-coated aluminum panels that have an interwoven design. Trace® Skew has various color options, allowing for more customization. The ability to add backlighting or a Soft Sound® backer makes this the perfect option for lounges and break rooms.

18. Something Simple and Elegant

Arktura TriSoft® Dynamic installed in office
“Office Lounge” Featuring: Trisoft® by Arktura

For a touch of elegance and dimensionality, TriSoft® Dynamic features a beautiful, scalable design. This complex acoustical system helps create a complex, wave-like design that creates additional visual interest. Made with Soft Sound® material, the system deflects and diffuses sound in all directions. 

Create a Commercial Space With Style

Commercial spaces generally rely on drop ceilings to hide or disguise their infrastructure. While these drop ceilings were once fairly plain and boring, times have changed, and new, more creative options are available. 

Arktura has an endless array of decorative ceiling tiles for creative ceiling design with acoustical benefits. With Arktura ceiling tiles, your commercial space can be transformed into a more inviting area with better acoustics.

Contact Arktura today for more information on ceiling design, custom projects and pricing.

Arktura Vapor Gradients
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