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Arktura Featured in GB&D Pro – How Arktura Realizes Biophilic Wellness in the Modern Office

November 16, 2021

Part educational, part inspirational – a new article written by Arktura’s own Brand Experience Copywriter and Communications Lead, Ricardo Ortiz is currently featured in Green Building & Design (GB&D) Pro. This is the third in a series of articles by Arktura for GB&D, a leading resource for architects, builders, and developers with a focus on sustainability.

The article – How Arktura Realizes Biophilic Wellness in the Modern Office – delves into biophilic design, acoustic wellness, and color theory in our modern workplace and how these factors all play into Arktura’s product development. It touches on the origins of biophilia before going into contemporary uses for this design principle and the benefits it has on workers every day. Several of Arktura’s own products are highlighted throughout, touting the importance of acoustic wellness and biophilic design in modern-day office space. 

The piece informs and inspires readers to make biophilic changes to their own work settings, from small to grand scale, by spotlighting the many benefits of both biophilic design and acoustic wellness. 

We encourage readers to view the full article on GB&D Pro to learn about this ancient design concept with exciting, modern usage. If you have any questions on bridging natural design principles with acoustic wellness, please reach out to your local rep to learn how Arktura can fuel possibilities for your next project. 

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