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How to Design Custom Metal Ceilings & Wall Panels

August 4, 2021
Arktura Solution Studio perforated feature wall for PWC

A design that encompasses a company’s culture, brand identity, goals and vision is a task that requires a great amount of balance. Not only do you need to take the purpose of the space into account, but you must also consider lighting, sound absorption, aesthetics and overall cohesiveness of the design.

No matter what space you’re in, the design matters. Working with Arktura’s Solutions Studio® allows you to truly realize your creative vision while preserving the project’s core intent through the infusion of advanced technologies to bring real results. Here you’ll find some tips and tricks to guide you through how to design custom metal ceilings and wall panels that will complete the interior design in a truly unique and unexpected way

Custom Images Through Perforations

Views of Arktura Solutions Studio Marcus Mariota Center backlit, perforated ceilings.
“Marcus Mariota Center” Eugene, OR, SRG Partnership, Featuring: Graphic Perf® and Arktura Solutions Studio®

One incredible way to establish the identity of a space is to include custom imagery. Combined with colors and symbols, actual images establish so much. The custom back-lit perforated ceiling that Arktura’s Solutions Studio® designed for the Marcus Mariota Sports Performance Center at the University of Oregon prominently displays images that solidify the center’s namesake.

Arktura’s Graphic Perf® Solutions line allows you to create a customized panel system for use on the ceiling or as custom metal wall panels. With our proprietary, algorithmic software system and manufacturing expertise, we can inscribe any image, text or pattern into panels that are tailored to your design vision.

Draw Inspiration From the Company’s Branding

Ceiling- Guthy Renker- Los Angeles, CA-web-2
“Guthy Renker” Los Angeles, CA, Gensler, ©Gensler / Ryan Gobuty (Photographer), Featuring: Arktura Solutions Studio®

Sometimes the more subtle a design element is, the bigger impact it makes. Borrowing design cues from cellular and molecular forms, this illuminated ceiling system is a nod to Proactiv’s products that are backed by science. Using the core of Guthy Renker’s approach to their product connects the design to the company’s branding.

Infuse Design With Real-World Data

Arktura Solution Studio backlit perforated screens for IBM Watson
“IBM Watson” San Francisco, CA, Gensler, Featuring: Arktura Solutions Studio®

Believe it or not, this one-of-a-kind custom metal wall system is a translation of years of mobile sales data into three-dimensional form that embodies the spirit of IBM’s Watson group. The Solutions Studio® team, working with Synthesis Design + Architecture, achieved their creative vision in a way that captivates attention and imagination. This is the quintessential meeting of technology and creative expression to create something truly unique to the IBM Watson Experience Center.

Establish Zones With a Feature Wall 

Arktura Solution Studio perforated feature wall for PWC
“PWC” Los Angeles, CA, AECOM, Featuring: Arktura Solutions Studio®

Arktura Solution Studio perforated feature wall for PWC
“PWC” Los Angeles, CA, AECOM, Featuring: Arktura Solutions Studio®

The feature wall in the lower lobby of PwC’s headquarters in Los Angeles uses perforations and layered materials to create distinct zones throughout the space. Through the brand color palette and direct lines of sight, these spaces are interrelated while still serving their specific purposes. By integrating corporate branding and color schemes into the design, this wall pulls this L-shaped lobby into a cohesive whole despite its unique layout.

Create Differentiation With Color

Arktura Solution Studio perforated panel in Apache
“Apache Canada” Calgary, CA, Gensler, ©Bruce Damonte Photography, Featuring: Arktura Solutions Studio®

The perforated pattern of this custom metal wall panel system designed and fabricated with Arktura in collaboration with Gensler reflects the company’s branding and graphic strategy. To create a cohesive yet defined project, the cast aluminum plate panels are layered against the back-painted glass. And the color of the glass varies depending on what floor you’re on. By keeping the overall design consistent and changing the colors on each floor, they created a design that reflects their branding strategy without being boring or predictable. 

Maintain Brand Identity

Arktura Solution Studio perforated ceiling and wall panel in Koin Lobby
“Koin Lobby” Portland, OR, Mackenzie Architecture Inc., Christian Columbres Photography, Featuring: Graphic Perf® Scripted by Arktura

The KOIN Tower lobby in Portland, Oregon features a fluid space that acts as an extension of individual tenant’s office space. In the recent renovation, the modernized lobby was designed as a space where people can meet as an alternative complement to a more formal conference room or office. The custom Graphic Perf® screen that extends over the main seating area draws from the brand motif that is woven throughout the overall design. Pairing this system with an acoustic backer will improve acoustic performance throughout the space.

Go Big — No, Really Big!

“Kirkwood Performing Arts Center”, Kirkwood, MO, Jacobs, Thomas McConnell LLC (Photographer), Featuring: Vapor® Graphic Perf® Custom by Arktura
“Kirkwood Performing Arts Center” Kirkwood, MO, Jacobs, Thomas McConnell LLC (Photographer), Featuring: Vapor® Graphic Perf® Custom by Arktura

Spanning two stories, this custom backlit Vapor® Graphic Perf® panel system depicts a tree canopy reaching tall through Kirkwood’s Performing Arts Center. Drawing inspiration from Kirkwood’s certification as a Tree City USA, and the rail line that runs through the heart of Kirkwood, Arktura infused nature and industry in this wall installation that will serve as a backdrop for the art galleries, theater performances, festivals and other artistic endeavors that will call KPAC home.

Design Your Custom Metal Ceilings & Wall Panels With Arktura

Partnering with Arktura’s Solutions Studio® means that you’ll be able to fully customize a design to the needs of a space. And with integrated backlighting and the ability to add acoustic backers, these custom designs will be beautiful and functional. Your imagination truly is the limit when it comes to the designs that we create.

Contact the design experts at Arktura today to start bringing your vision to life.

“Optical Retail and Office Reception” Featuring: Vapor® Bloom by Arktura with Soft Sound®, InLine and Backlighting Accessories
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