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Introducing Arborisa™ – Bringing the Natural World to Your Interior Spaces

January 16, 2023

We are proud to introduce Arborisa™, a dynamic and fully immersive new collection of acoustic clouds inspired by the natural shape of tree canopies. Much like its topiary influence, these modules blanket any space below with intersecting branches providing proper acoustic attenuation. This newest collection arrives in four distinct form factors: Arborisa™ Aura, Arborisa™ Axil, Arborisa™ Denza, and Arborisa™ Nest. 

From the minimal design of Arborisa™ Nest and Axil to the complex intersecting design of Arborisa™ Aura and Denza, each module option offers distinct, abstract approaches to biomorphic design. These natural form factors transport viewers to a biological oasis of topiary bliss. Bringing influences of the great outdoors to your next project for the right biophilic touch. More than just stunning aesthetics, these four Arborisa™ models provide acoustic coverage thanks to our noise-mitigating SoftSound® material. 

Design outside the box of standard linear and rectilinear acoustic modules. This organic design language, shared amongst these four collections, features intersecting conceptual lines in a lush angular formation. The large scale of these suspended acoustic modules is sure to impress with a combination of looks and acoustic properties.  

This nature inspired collection shines as a singular suspended design element, or as an impressive array by installing multiple clouds in tandem, or even linking select modules. Arborisa™ is available in multiple Soft Sound® finishes, including a premium wood finish. For additional customization, specify this line in a Duo Tone, offering a second color within each module.  

To find out more about this new line visit our product pages or reach out to your local representative.

Visit Arborisa™ Line Page

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