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Arktura Expands its Adaptive Atmosphera® Line with the Innovative New Acoustic T-Grid Enhanced Atmosphera® Versa & Versa 3D

June 9, 2021

Arktura is adding further innovation to the Atmosphera® Adaptive line with the introduction of Atmosphera® Versa and Versa 3D, which incorporate standard T-Grid wrapped in Arktura’s acoustic Soft Sound® as a foundational structure. This results in several cost and performance benefits, including enhanced flexibility, ease-of-install, and sound attenuating performance.  Versa and Versa 3D offer fins that are fully tailorable to the specific needs of your project. Bring your design vision for linear or undulating straight baffles to reality with fins constructed from Arktura’s own high performance acoustic PET (Polyethylene Terephalate) Soft Sound ® material. 

Atmosphera® Versa and Atmosphera® Versa 3D’s new rib system is comprised of inverted t-grid, encased in Arktura’s acoustic PET Soft Sound®. This reduces cost and weight compared to traditional steel and Unistrut fin systems, while making field modification easier than ever. The new system also allows for fins to simply be pushed into slots for assembly, drastically reducing install time. With Versa and Versa 3D, modules can now be hung simply through micro quick release clamps and stainless cable, further adding to the flexibility and ease of install of the system. Soft Sound® wrapped T-Grid also allows a full match between ribs and Soft Sound ® fins for a completely uniform appearance or contrast fins and ribs deliberately to achieve visual masking or a dynamic branded effect. No matter how it’s used, the addition of Soft Sound® to ribs in Atmosphera® Versa and Versa 3D will result in added acoustical performance to any space. 

Pictured: Atmosphera® Versa

Atmosphera® Versa unlocks a new level of linear experimentation in acoustic baffles. Customize your baffle ceiling to set the rhythm straight in your space by altering the fin depth, space, and finish, and choosing from an expanding range of Soft Sound® acoustic colors or wood textures. Design a simple uniform identity to tie your space together or take viewers by surprise by adding your personal design details by matching or contrasting the fin with the grid. 

Pictured: Atmosphera® Versa 3D

Pictured: Atmosphera® Versa

Use undulating or angular linear baffles with Atmosphera® Versa 3D to create sculptural ceiling-scapes that influence people’s movement, impression, and memory of the space dynamically and creatively. Provide your own fin parametric elevation or work with the Arktura team to craft the ceiling’s undulations with precision cut fin profiles made in our Soft Sound® acoustic material. 

To learn more, visit the product pages for Atmosphera® Versa and Versa 3D or contact your local rep for product questions or sales inquiries. 

Visit our Atmosphera® Adaptive line and product pages to learn more and browse all designs now. 

Pictured: Atmosphera® Versa 3D

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