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Delta Drop® 2×4

Delta Drop® 2x4 brings faceted, dimensional geometry to your design, in a long, narrow panel. Plus, it offers easy installation, using quick torsion spring attachment across standard ceiling grid systems, or simple wall attachment using our Vertika channel system. Integrated backlighting is available if you want to add some light to your design, or try our Soft Sound® backer if you are looking for an acoustic solution. 

2×4 in use

Key Features

  • Acoustic Performance

    Delta Drop®'s optional Soft Sound® backer material reduces the impact of noise from everyday annoyances like ringing, typing, and chatter resulting in a more pleasant and productive environment. The Soft Sound® backer works in concert with the design to help reduce and control reverberations leaving a lasting impression at scales ranging from assembly halls to to conference rooms.

  • Multiple Pattern Options

    Delta Drop® panels are pre-configured faceted solutions designed with a dynamic array of criteria and effects in mind. Choose from our library of patterns to uniquely impact your project.

  • Integrated Lighting Options

    We have designed an integrated backlight, allowing you to create a variety of functional and decorative lighting solutions.

  • Easy Installation & Access

    Delta Drop® panels offer easy install, using quick torsion spring attachment across standard ceiling grid systems or simple wall attachment using our Vertika™ channel system.

  • Design with Standard Panels

    We make it easy to create stunning faceted designs on a standard torsion grid. Mix and match our available panel sizes in stepped or continuous configurations. Choose from our library of patterns or create one that fits the unique needs of your project.

  • Expansive Color Library

    Choose from a large library of Soft Sound® colors and wood textures. Mix and match colors to accent fins and complement the color scheme of your space.

Panel Materials & Colors

Powder Coated Aluminum


Powder Coated Aluminum - Premium


Backer Materials & Color Options

Soft Sound® Group A

Acoustic PET

Soft Sound® Wood Textures

Acoustic PET

Interior Translucent Backer

1/16" Polycarbonate

Product Details

Standard Panels

Seamlessly Join Walls & Ceilings

Understanding the Panel - Full Solid

Understanding the Panel - Half Pattern Circle

Understanding the Panel - Full Pattern Circle

Accessory Options - Ceiling

Accessory Options - Wall

System Specs

Dimensions (WxHxD)
2’ x 4’ x 5’’ Imperial | 60cm x 120cm x 13cm Metric
Openness in Plan
Half Pattern: 7%
Full Pattern: 12%
Full Solid: 0%
Fire Rating
ASTM E84 - Class A, UNE-EN 13501-1, B-s1,d0
Acoustics (with optional Soft Sound® backer)
True NRC™ 0.50: Half Pattern (Ceiling) ; E-200 Method
True NRC™ 0.60: Half Pattern (Wall) ; F-70 Method
True NRC™ 0.70: Full Pattern (Ceiling) ; E-200 Method
True NRC™ 0.70: Full Pattern (Wall) ; F-70 Method
True NRC™ 0.20: Full Solid (Ceiling) ; E-200 Method
True NRC™ 0.35: Full Solid (Wall) ; F-70 Method
Ceiling Attachment
Torsion Grid (By Others)
Wall Attachment
Vertika® Wall (Refer to Vertika® Brochure)
Torsion Spring Hinge
Yes, per installation manual
Acoustic Backer, Translucent Backer, Backlight, InLine Light


  • Delta Drop® 2×4 – Product Brochure PDF – Imperial
    7.03 MB
  • Powder Coat Color Brochure
    175.95 KB
  • Soft Sound® Color Brochure with Specifications
    2.08 MB
  • Delta Drop® 2×4 – 3D DWG – Imperial
    3D Model
    1.41 MB
  • Delta Drop® 2×4 – 3D SKP – Imperial
    3D Model
    1.23 MB
  • Delta Drop® 2×4 – PDF Tear Sheet – Metric
    Tear Sheet
    7.17 MB
  • Delta Drop® 2×4 – 3D DWG – Metric
    3D Model
    1.46 MB
  • Delta Drop® 2×4 – 3D RFA – Imperial
    3D Model
    34.39 MB

How to Specify:


    Find the right panel size and style – including full solid, half perforated, and fully patterned options - for your project.


    Panels are made available in a variety of colors. See our powder coat brochure for standard and premium options. Customized color matching is also available.


    Optional - Add integrated lighting. Our Delta Drop® Family makes it easy to incorporate dynamic backlighting, to add another dimension of functionality and visual interest to your project.


    Optional - Add backer panels. Incorporate available backers of frosted acrylic, for diffused lighting and other visual effects, or Arktura’s Soft Sound® acoustical material, to reduce the impact of noise across spaces.

Let us help you get started.

Discounts available based on project quantity. Contact your local sales representative for pricing.
Additional options available.
Patent N° USD849969, CA176770S, USD849275, CA176771S, USD859696, CA176774S, USD848035, CA176772S.