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LumAngle™ 120

LumAngle™ 120 is a blank canvas for architects and designers to create truly unique lighting experiences. Play with the angled configurations to design dramatic geometric clusters that will captivate any space with impressive illumination. Create geometric arrangements using multiple LumAngle 120 pendant modules to frame hexagonal systems such as SoftGrid® or SoftShapes. Elevate your toolkit with this versatile building block for creating extraordinary luminous spaces.


Key Features

  • Energy Efficiency

    These pendant lights offer high-performance LED lights that provide exceptional brightness while using less energy, making them an energy-efficient lighting solution to enhance your commercial space for years to come.

  • Thoughtful Light Distribution

    LumAngle™ features a custom lens and LED configuration designed to optimize light spread and create a more enveloping luminance while increasing efficiency.

  • Range of Profiles

    Play with the angled configurations to design dramatic geometric clusters that will captivate any space. Multiple angled form factors and size options allow designers to unleash their creativity. These fixtures are available in various powder-coated finishes to offer even more versatility in your next project.

  • Adjustable Drop Lengths and Locations

    These pendant lights offer adjustable drop locations for additional versatility during the installation process. Modify cable drop location along the fixture and adjust cable length for a tailored fit. Ideal for installing in spaces with high ceilings or closer to the ceiling when space is limited. This allows you to experiment with different drop lengths and angles, creating unique and captivating lighting displays.

  • Compatible with Arktura Products

    Designed to complement existing Arktura acoustic collections and metal panel systems. LumAngle™ can be installed around the perimeter of select acoustic baffle and cloud systems. LumAngle can be used in tandem with our full range of architectural products but truly shine when used with: (Featured Designs)

Fixture Color Options

Powder Coated Aluminum


Powder Coated Aluminum - Premium Metallic Finish


How to Specify

1. Select Profile

2. Select Sizes

3. Select Finish

4. Select Number of Fixtures

Product Details

Top View

Bottom View


Attachment Details

Integration With Other Modules


1 3/8’’
1' - 7 3/4", 2' - 3" & 2' - 10 3/16"

Fixture Specs

Aluminum, Acrylic
Color Temperatures
-20C - +50°C (-4F - +122°F)
Attachment Method
Cable Hung
Dimming Options
TRIAC/Phase, ELV, MLV, 0-10V, When Paired with Arktura LED Driver
UL Rated Cable 18AWG 10FT (longer length available)
Indoor Locations Only
W/ft & Lm/Ft
3.5 W/ft - 349 Lm/Ft, 5W/ft - 525 Lm/Ft, 7W/ft - 614 Lm/Ft, 10W/ft -1021 Lm/Ft
Fixture Lumens
See Brochure
Fixture Watts
See Brochure


  • LumAngle™ 120 Pendant Lighting – Line Brochure PDF
    2.82 MB
  • LumAngle™ – 3D DWG – Imperial
    3D Model
    399.16 KB
  • LumAngle™ – 3D SKP – Imperial
    3D Model
    843.67 KB
  • LumAngle™ 120 – 3D RFA – Imperial
    3D Model
    4.92 MB
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