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SoundEdge® ceiling system offers flexible building blocks to easily achieve enhanced acoustical performance and design effects. Its modular single fin design, available in a multitude of lengths and depths, is easy to install, and can be mixed and matched in numerous configurations. SoundEdge® is constructed from our Soft Sound® acoustical material (100% PET plastic with up to 60% recycled content) to drastically reduce sound reverberation.

SoundEdge® in use

Key Features

  • Reduce Noise & Enhance Acoustics

    SoundEdge®'s Soft Sound® material reduces the impact of noise from everyday annoyances like ringing, typing, and chatter resulting in a more pleasant and productive environment. Its material works in concert with the design to help reduce and control reverberations leaving a lasting impression at scales ranging from assembly halls to conference rooms.

  • Open Plan Accesibility

    SoundEdge®'s open design makes integrating systems above or below the modules simple and feasible. Easily removable fins allow access to larger systems and the open structure makes accessing lights, HVAC, rigging points, plumbing, AV equipment, and life safety systems easy for your maintenance team.

  • Expansive Soft Sound® Library

    Choose from a large library of Soft Sound® colors and wood textures. Mix and match colors to accent fins and complement the color scheme of your space.

  • Minimal Hanging Hardware

    SoundEdge® provides structure and support with a narrow metal bracket and thin suspension cable that is virtually invisible when viewed from below.

  • Profiles to Suit Your Needs

    SoundEdge® is available in a range of lengths, heights, and configurable options, giving you complete design flexibility.

Baffle Materials & Colors

Soft Sound® Group A

Acoustic PET

Soft Sound® Wood Textures

Acoustic PET

Product Details

Standard Configurations

Multiple Modules


Attachment & Install

Attachment Details


1/2" Widths
Heights: 6", 8", 10" & 12" Imperial | 15, 20, 25, 30 cm Metric
Lengths: 2´, 3´, 4´, 5´, 6´, 7´, 8´, & 9´ Imperial | 60, 90, 120, 150, 185, 215, 245, 275cm Metric

System Specs

Fin Material
12mm Soft Sound® (PET)
Fire Rating
ASTM E84 - Class A, UNE-EN 13501-1, B-s1,d0
True NRC™ Up to 1.1
Attachment Method
1/32" Stainless Cable and Hardware
Yes, quick release cables
Yes, per installation manual


  • SoundEdge® – Product Brochure PDF – Imperial
    2.56 MB
  • Soft Sound® Color Brochure & Specifications
    2.08 MB
  • SoundEdge® – PDF Tear Sheet – Metric
    Tear Sheet
    8.3 MB

      SoundEdge® is available in a variety of lengths and depths. choose the dimensions that fir your vision and space.


      Modules are available in a variety of colors and wood finishes. See our Soft Sound® color brochure for more information.


      SoundEdge® is scalable by design. Select the quantity of modules needed for your project.

    Let us help you get started.

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