Arktura Trace® Straight Makes Standard Look Custom at Revamped Frank Gehry Designed Space Featured in Architectural Digest

Arktura’s Trace® Straight standard 2×4 torsion panel system is currently highlighted in an Architectural Digest feature on the STUDIOS Architecture led update of the Frank Gehry-designed former Condé Nast Cafeteria. A Trace® Straight ceiling installation serves as a defining feature of the Four Times Square 45,600-square-foot amenity space’s Garden Room. It’s expansive beautifully back-lit application gives the room light, openness, and elegant detailing, while complementing the Gehry designed space. This project also showcases the easy flexibility and field trimability of the system, achieving custom looks through a standard product, at a fraction of the cost and lead time. Follow the links below to read story at and to learn more about the versatility of our Trace® Family of products and our full line of grid based systems.

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