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14 Unique Commercial Ceiling Tile Ideas

November 17, 2020
Arktura Vapor Gradients

For large, open commercial spaces, designing a beautiful ceiling can make a lasting positive impact on employees, customers, and other patrons. Whether you’re in an office, retail space, or concert hall, improving your ceiling with beautiful commercial ceiling tiles is an excellent way to improve aesthetics and comfort.

Installing commercial ceiling tiles can help reduce noise with the help of acoustical backers or can contribute to a well-lit space with integrated lighting. In the past, drop ceilings were used extensively for this purpose, but now, Arktura offers a variety of styles that complement nearly any commercial space and design.

These 14 unique commercial ceiling tile styles are the perfect marriage of form and function.

1. Fall for Elegant Minimalism

Arktura Vapor Element
“Boutique Retail Location” Featuring: Vapor® Element by Arktura

For sleek and minimal retail spaces, Vapor® Element’s powder-coated aluminum enhances a standard grid with elegant minimalism. Optional integrated backlighting makes these commercial ceiling tiles part of the design and also helps light the space. This is a great way to highlight products on display. The space also adds Soft Sound® acoustics backers in other areas, to reduce the impact of noise and create a more pleasant shopping experience.

2. Digital Design in a Large Space

Arktura Vapor Frequency
“Lecture Hall” Featuring: Vapor® Frequency by Arktura

Classrooms and lecture halls present a unique challenge for managing noise. Between the instructor speaking, small group conversations, typing and general rustling, this can become a noisy space very quickly. Vapor® Frequency paired with optional Soft Sound® acoustic backer and integrated InLine lighting minimizes noise while illuminating your space. It creates an environment where students can hear the instructor despite other classroom noises, while the design creates a trail effect leading to the front of the room. The layered design here combines form and function, and creates a unique perspective for those in the building.

3. Create Peace and Tranquility

Arktura Solution Studio XpresSpa LAX ceiling and vertical panel petals
“XpresSpa” Los Angeles, CA, Featuring: Solutions Studio® by Arktura

In a tranquil spa environment, a calming and relaxing design is paramount. Choosing the right ceiling tiles can create a unique design element that contributes to the overall aesthetic and double as a sort of art installation. XpresSpa LAX worked with Arktura to create custom tiles that evoke the peaceful, natural feel of petals floating in a pool as they maintain a quiet environment. These modular commercial ceiling tiles accommodate overhead heating and air conditioning along with ventilation, lights and sprinkler systems. 

4. Light the Way

Arktura Vapor Cora
“1201 W Lake Lobby” Chicago, Illinois, Eastlake Studio – CH, Steve Hall, Hall + Merrick (Photographer), Featuring: Vapor® Cora by Arktura

Make a statement with these backlit Vapor® Cora ceiling tiles. This project uses Vapor® Cora with the optional integrated lighting to create a path to guide people through the entryway and towards the elevator area. This ceiling tile installation becomes a centerpiece of this lobby and is the only indoor light source the space needs. The unique geometric design of Vapor® Cora is clean, modern, and striking.

5. Block It Out

Arktura Particle Ion
“Airport Exit” Featuring: Particle™ Ion by Arktura

Arktura’s ceiling tiles make a bold statement in this airport hallway. Choosing a ceiling tile design made up of separated large squares creates a bold design over a large area. The Particle™ Ion acoustic ceiling tiles here combine with Arktura Backlighting to create their unique look by utilizing diffused micro-perforations for a stunning design that illuminates in an understated way.

6. Outdoor to Indoor Continuation

Arktura Graphic Perf Scripted
“BallPark Square – 99 M Street” Washington, DC, Gensler – DC, Prakash Patel Photography (Photographer), Featuring: Graphic Perf® Scripted by Arktura

The ceiling tiles in this project are designed to show a seemingly seamless continuation of the indoor ceiling area into the outdoor entryway. These Graphic Perf® Custom Scripted ceiling tiles use software created by Arktura’s in-house team to create a customized pattern for your space. With this software, you’re only limited by your imagination.

7. A Welcoming Wave

Arktura Vapor Liana
“Hospital Reception Area” Featuring: Vapor® Liana by Arktura

The wave pattern of Vapor® Liana lends a welcoming dimension to a large space. By choosing the optional Soft Sound® acoustic backer, it helps mitigate sound disruptions in large commercial spaces. Beautifully fluid and reminiscent of jungle vines or a hanging garden, this pattern is excellent for floor-to-ceiling continuous applications. Use our Kiwi Soft Sound® color as seen here to play up the natural look. 

8. Create a Fast-Paced Feel

Arktura Vapor Gradients
“Subway Station” Featuring: Vapor® Gradients by Arktura

Vapor® Gradients gives you the option of creating a one-of-a-kind custom layout. With these perforated ceiling tiles, you can customize a standard grid to fade in and out when and where you want. Adding integrated lighting between tiles takes the design to the next level to create a very modern aesthetic, while the optional Soft Sound® backer keeps reverberations in busy public spaces to a minimum.

9. Bring Digital to Life

Arktura Vapor Pixel
“Elmer A Knopf Learning Center” Flint, Michigan, Stantec – Berkley MI, Jason Keen (Photographer), Featuring: Vapor® Pixel by Arktura

A striking entry area can always make a great first impression. You can make your building’s entrance more comfortable and stylish by incorporating backlit commercial ceiling tiles. The digital pattern of Vapor® Pixel brings an edgy upgrade to a standard entrance.

10. Create an Indoor Sky

Arktura Vapor Cumula backlit ceiling install in the Halcon Showroom
“Elegant Boardroom” Featuring: Vapor® Cumula by Arktura

Lighted ceiling tiles using Vapor® Cumula create a continuous pattern with perforations that wrap around the panels, concealing where the pattern starts and ends. The pattern is reminiscent of a sky filled with puffy clouds, bringing the outside indoors in a unique, upscale way. With varying perforation sizes, integrated backlighting shines through with comfortable, indirect brightness. Alternatively, you can use the Soft Sound®  backer here to reduce the amount of ambient noise. 

11. Fast-Paced Flow

Arktura Vapor Trail
“Goosehead Insurance” Westlake, TX, Rees Associates, Wade Griffith Photography (Photographer), Featuring: Vapor® Trail by Arktura

Arktura’s Vapor® panels are manufactured with aluminum that is 50% thicker than tiles produced by the competition, which results in unparalleled strength and durability. Vapor® Trail’s pattern creates a fast-paced flowing effect as large circles taper into smaller circles, adding interest and style to any commercial space. With vertical and horizontal installation capabilities, you can create a unique waterfall effect like the example above to isolate work areas in an office environment. When used with the Soft Sound® backer, you can also use it in a targeted way to reduce sound exactly where you need it.

12. Create a Cyber World

Close up of Arktura Vapor® Byte
“Two Patterns” Featuring: Vapor® Byte by Arktura

With customizable perforation spacing, Vapor® Byte brings cyberspace to life in your commercial space. The density of the perforations paired with integrated backlighting can comfortably control the amount of light that is allowed into an area, making it a perfect option for almost any commercial space. Alternatively, choosing a Soft Sound® backer not only customizes the design, but it also ensures that your acoustic ceiling tiles fit with the aesthetic of your commercial space.  

13. Get Caught in the Web

Arktura Trace Straight
“Kaiser Permanente Largo” Lanham, Maryland, Callison RTKL, Alain Jaramillo (Photographer), Featuring: Trace® Straight by Arktura

Large commercial spaces, such as gyms, can be overrun with noise very quickly, making its use unpleasant. Luckily, Trace® Straight ceiling tiles paired with Soft Sound® backing can control noise while also adding a unique design element. Its web-like pattern can be used to lower the ceiling, concealing ducts and electrical work, and while optional InLine lighting increases its functionality by illuminating the space. Thanks to large perforations, Trace® Straight is an excellent way to reduce noise as it maximizes the surface area of the Soft Sound® backer.

14. Fuse Acoustics and Backlighting 

Arktura VaporSoft Cora, White with Heather Grey Soft Sound® Backer Wall, Backlit Ceiling
“Commercial Office Space” Featuring: VaporSoft® Cora by Arktura

Looking to seamlessly pair backlighting and noise reduction across an entire plane? Arktura’s VaporSoft® line makes it easy to fulfill illumination needs while delivering high performance noise reduction without the need for backers, through its panels equipped with sound attenuating Soft Sound® faces. VaporSoft® Cora does this while delivering rich geometric patterning that can liven up even the most mundane commercial spaces. You can also always add Soft Sound® acoustic backers to further enhance noise reduction, or change up the illumination style with our InLine Lighting option.

A Stylish Way to Control Sound and Light Spaces

Creating a stylish ceiling is easy with Arktura’s commercial ceiling tiles. Added options — such as Soft Sound® acoustic backing, InLine lighting and integrated backlighting — give you an incredible amount of customization options.

Contact Arktura today to see how you can transform your commercial space with a unique ceiling tile design like the examples shown here.

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