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Design Inspiration

16 Types of Suspended Ceiling Systems for Acoustic Performance

April 5, 2023

A suspended ceiling system is a secondary ceiling that hangs below the main system. They’re sometimes also called dropped ceilings or false ceilings  — but no matter what you call them, suspended ceiling systems serve an important aesthetic and acoustic purpose. 

Aesthetically, suspended ceiling systems provide a smooth and clean finish to the ceiling. They hide pipework, electrical wire and other unsightly things from view. They can even incorporate dazzling designs to enhance the aesthetics of a space. 

Some suspended ceiling systems also serve a functional purpose — acoustic improvement. Acoustic suspended ceiling systems help control the echo and reverberation in a space, making it easier to have conversations. 

From abstract to minimalistic, there are several types of suspended ceiling systems. At Arktura, we craft gorgeous, suspended ceilings that will elevate a room’s aesthetic while also enhancing its acoustic performance. 

The following 16 types of suspended ceiling systems illustrate this effortless marriage of style and function and can be used to help inspire your design. 

1. Acoustical Module Height and Color Variation Bring Both Performance and Aesthetic Appeal

This office space has red and black round baffles from Arktura.
“Multi-Colored Office Space” Featuring: SoftGrid Round by Arktura

Mix and match colors and heights to create a visually stunning and effective acoustic ceiling system. In this lobby, the black and red circular-shaped SoftGrid® Round modules effortlessly bring performance and design together. 

2. Dimensional Functionality with Geometrical Acoustic Ceiling Modules

This commercial space has beautiful suspended baffles from Arktura. There is a lounging area with a sofa and plants. 
“High Ceilings Meet Acoustic Attenuation” Featuring: SoftGrid Deca from Arktura

These hexagonal-shaped, pearl and off-white colored SoftGrid Deca ceiling modules bring dimensional geometry and elegance into this space. The sporadic placement helps evoke an air of whimsy while elevating the acoustic performance.  

3. Embrace the Random and Abstract While Boosting Acoustics

This office space features wood tables, black chairs, a leather sofa and four work booths. There are Arktura baffles above the space with bright lighting.  
“Faegre Drinker” Chicago, IL, Interior Architects, Feturing: SoftGrid Switch by Arktura 

Using SoftGrid Switch, this upscale lobby and café seamlessly infused abstract modernity into their space. The web of panels provides acoustic support while improving the room’s entire design.  

4. Acoustic Ceiling System Provides Zig Zag Patterning for Visual Texture

This commercial space features various green plants, Arktura ceiling baffles and globe-style lighting.
“An Array of Acoustic Coverage” Featuring: SoftGrid Scale by Arktura 

For lovers of symmetry, SoftGrid Scale is the ideal choice for a suspended ceiling system. It creates the illusion of a wave with its uninterrupted pattern while keeping the overall aesthetic geometric and symmetrical sound. 

5. Expand Ceiling Aesthetics with Minimalist Three-Dimensional Waves

This office space features blue chairs, green plants, private work spaces and Arktura ceiling baffles. 
“Open Air Form Allows for Integration of Lighting” Featuring: SoftGrid Wave by Arktura 

Speaking of waves, if the impression of movement and flow moves you, SoftGrid Wave helps provide that vibe. In this example, the office owners applied this system to the entire ceiling, which evokes a subtle feeling of movement throughout the whole space. 

6. Install a Field of Visual Interest For Acoustical Control

This commercial building features a large front desk, a staircase leading to the second floor, hardwood floors and Arktura ceiling baffles.  
“BMG Music” Los Angeles, CA, NxT Studio Design (Architect), Featuring: SoftGrid Sine by Arktura 

Suspended ceiling systems can also create visual intrigue and serve as a focal point for a space. For example, this lobby is elevated to new heights with its suspended ceiling system featuring SoftGrid Sine panels. The wood-lined stairs lead you straight to the focal point — the ceiling. 

7. Updating the Classic Ceiling Tile with Wood-Look Suspended Acoustic Tiles

This gathering space features round tables, white chairs, a lounge area, modern light fixtures and coffered-styled ceilings from Arktura. 
“Bell Bank” Minneapolis, MN, Nelson (Architect), Featuring: SoftSpan 48 by Arktura 

Coffered ceilings are a much-loved, classic ceiling design. So, if you’re a fan of traditional designs and the rustic look of wood, a suspended ceiling system made to look like coffered ceilings made from wood is an ideal option. SoftSpan 48 panels help you achieve that traditional look while also adding acoustic control.  

8. Room-Wide Trellis for Outstanding Aesthetics and Acoustic Performance

This office space features long rectangular and round tables, red and white chairs, a large television and ceiling systems from Arktura. There are several people sitting at the tables working.  
“BMO Tower” Chicago, IL, Interior Architects, Featuring: SoftSpan 48 by Arktura  

Trellis is another favorite for people who love symmetry and geometry in their design. In this case, the room-wide trellis made from SoftSpan 48 panels provides warmth and beauty to the space as well as enhanced acoustics.  

9. Undulating Acoustic Ceiling System Calms the Mood

Arktura Atmosphera® Standard Swell in a Soft Sound® Wood Texture in Iron Whale Asbury's restaurant
“Iron Whale Asbury” Asbury Park, NJ, TSG Design LLC (Architect), Featuring: Atmosphera Swell by Arktura 

Appropriately called Atmosphera® Swell, this acoustic suspended ceiling system transforms a space completely. With its geometry and billowing pattern, this undulating system provides a dramatic and elegant appearance.  

10. Calming Wave-like Acoustic System Helps Focus

This conference room features numerous chairs, large windows, a podium and Arktura baffles that mimic waves.
“Motion-Filled Acoustic Ceiling Baffles” Featuring:Atmosphera Surf by Arktura 

In this example, Atmosphera Surf baffles deliver an ethereal, cloudlike appearance. It feels as though you’re getting swept away to a peaceful and calming oasis with the ceiling’s light and bright, rolling effect.  

11. Faceted Geometric Planes with Integrated Lighting

This office space features several seating areas, rolling desk chairs, blue walls and Arktura baffles with integrated lighting.
“Grand Rapids Community College” Grand Rapids, MI, Tower Pinkster (Architects), Featuring: Atmosphera Rise by Arktura 

This dropped ceiling was created with Atmosphera Rise and features sharp angles and a faceted series of geometric planes. Together with the lights, it keeps your eyes engaged and moving forward while it also controls the acoustics. 

12. Creatively Mix and Match Ceiling Modules

This commercial space features a large bar area, various seating areas, large plants and Arktura ceiling baffles. 
“SoftSpan Finished in a Natural Wood Texture” Featuring: SoftSpan 48A 

Mixing-and-matching ceiling modules is ideal for those who love playfulness. The combination of colors, shapes and lights helps create a carefree motif. In this design, the color choices of SoftSpan 48A baffles pair perfectly with the greenery and minimalism to bring the design together. 

13. Experiment Linearly with Acoustic Baffles

This restaurant features round tables, arched windows, white chairs, large plants and Arktura ceiling baffles.  
“Creating a Serene Dining Experience” Featuring: Atmosphera Adaptive Versa by Arktura 

Straight lines in tight rows create an atmosphere of sophistication and regality. With an unassuming shape and predictable pattern, these linear acoustic baffles from the Atmosphera Adaptive Versa line upgrade this space to an upscale café. 

14. Add in Curves with Acoustical Grid System for Visual Appeal

This hospital area features large windows, indoor plants, hanging light fixtures and blue and white Arktura baffles. 
“A Motion-Filled Ceiling Provides a Soothing Focal Point” Featuring: SoftGrid Dome by Arktura 

Create an exaggerated curve effect on your ceiling with the SoftGrid Dome modules. The gentle hills either pull or push focus — depending on your room’s design — and can also minimize the required space while still providing an acoustic solution. 

15. Achieve the Aesthetic Cutting Edge with Sharp Lines

This front desk area features four computers, large windows, three hanging light fixtures and black Arktura panels above the desk. A person is standing behind the desk working.
“1200 Broadway” Nashville, TN, Casella Interiors (Architect), Featuring: Atmosphera Adaptive Ripple by Arktura 

Add movement and flow with the Atmosphera Adaptive Ripple. The undulating panels come in steel and are perfect for industrial, sleek and masculine design aesthetics. 

16. Create a Showstopper Ceiling Visual with Acoustic Modules

This lounge area features square tables, red chairs, a bar area, a large television, vending machines and white Arktura ceiling baffles.
DLA Piper” Tampa, FL, Gensler – Tampa (Architects), Featuring: Atmosphera Adaptive Lotus by Arktura 

For a truly dreamy aesthetic, look no further than the Atmosphera Adaptive Lotus. These modules mimic the lotus flower with their design and can create an absolutely awe-inspiring final look, especially when paired thoughtfully with lighting.  

Bring Your Idea to Life with Arktura’s Suspended Ceiling Systems 

Now that you’ve gotten an idea of the types of suspended ceiling systems that are available, it’s time to create your dream design. No matter your aesthetic, we have the types of suspended ceiling systems you need to bring your idea to life. 

Contact our design team to design the perfect acoustic suspended ceiling system for your space! 

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