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6 Ceiling Design Ideas for Gyms and Fitness Clubs

May 24, 2022
6 Fitness Clubs & Gym Ceiling Design Ideas

Gyms and fitness clubs provide a place where people can become their best selves. From individual training sessions to group yoga classes, these spaces allow people the freedom to choose what works best for them.

There is a challenge, however. Designing a multi-functional space like a gym or fitness club means that each space must be designed with specific needs in mind, despite the fact that they are housed under the same roof. The design needs of a yoga studio are vastly different from those of a basketball court or exercise equipment room.

Acoustical Control and Design Aesthetics Are Surprisingly Crucial in Gyms and Fitness Clubs

With this in mind, tailoring design materials to the specific needs of the space is a must. Choosing acoustical control materials that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing is imperative to effective use of the space. Not only do architectural acoustic ceilings make the space more comfortable by controlling sound and reverberations, but they also help to guide the design and create the mood necessary for the activities that take place in the space.

1. Elevate Bland Gym Aesthetics with Visually Stimulating Ceilings

Gym Ceiling Design
Kaiser Permanente Largo”, Lanham, MD, Callison RTKL, Alain Jaramillo (Photographer), Featuring: Trace® Straight by Arktura

Creating a ceiling design that lowers the ceiling, controls noise and looks beautiful can be accomplished with modular grid ceiling panels like the Trace® Straight panels seen in this design. InLine lighting can be added to help illuminate the space without disrupting the design. 

Trace® Straight ceiling panels can also be paired with Soft Sound® backers, allowing the ceiling design to take center stage and create excitement with its weblike pattern while the backer controls sound.

2. Engage the Spirit with Soothing, Rippling Baffles

Engage the Spirit with Soothing, Rippling Baffles
ACT Wellness Center”, Iowa City, Iowa, Solum Lang Architects, Fisheye LC. Photography, Featuring: Atmosphera® Adaptive Contour by Arktura

The design needs of fitness clubs and gyms vary depending on what the area will be used for. A yoga studio, where calm and peace are the focus will likely look different from a weight room designed for adrenaline and intensity. 

The peaceful undulation of Atmosphera® Adaptive Contour’s curving fins generates a gentle flowing simulation of movement. Available in powder-coated steel or in Arktura’s Soft Sound® material, the amount of acoustic control that they deliver is up to you. 

3. Linear Modules Project a Desire to Focus When Exercising While Keeping Things Quiet

Linear Modules Project a Desire to Focus When Exercising While Keeping Things Quiet
Adobe Wellness” San Francisco, CA, Gensler, Jasper Sanidad (Photographer), Featuring: SoundEdge® by Arktura

Design has the ability to influence not only the aesthetic of a space, but can also influence the feelings of those inside. In a fitness club, the gym ceiling design can impact the physical work that people do in the space. 

SoundEdge® ceiling system’s linear modules reflect the streamlined focus that’s important when training. It is a modular single fin design that’s available in a variety of lengths and depths, so it can be customized to the exact needs of the space.

4. Acoustic Paneling Creates Focus on the Noisy Basketball Court

Acoustic Paneling Creates Focus on the Noisy Basketball Court
“Town Hall” Houston, Texas, Kirksey Architecture, Joe Aker (Photographer), Featuring: Solutions Studio® custom ceiling faceted panels made of Soft Sound® by Arktura

Basketball includes lots of noisy elements — shuffling shoes, the thudding ball, cheers from spectators and shouts from players. That’s to be expected, but in a space where the acoustics aren’t controlled, the noise can become overwhelming and lead to a lack of focus. 

Architectural ceiling panels from Arktura’s Solutions Studio® add acoustic control on this noisy court, making the sound more manageable and allowing players to zone in on the game.

5. Maximize the Physical and Mental Benefits of Fitness by Infusing a Space with Energy

Maximize the Physical and Mental Benefits of Fitness by Infusing a Space with Energy
Pueblo Convention Center”, Pueblo, CO, Fawley Bryant, Featuring: Atmosphera® Adaptive Analog 3D by Arktura

A fitness club or gym is no longer just a place to go and sweat for a few minutes before resuming your busy schedule. In this training space for the Professional Bull Riders Sports Performance Center, there is a range of dedicated spaces that include a weight room, agility area, classrooms, yoga/flex space, vision room, locker rooms, therapy spaces, athlete lounges and offices.

These adaptive Atmosphera® Adaptive Analog 3D ceiling fins can influence people’s movement, impression and memory of the space — helping inspire mental and physical well-being.

6. Take Yourself to Another Place When Finding Time to Exercise

Take Yourself to Another Place When Finding Time to Exercise
“Modern Gym” Featuring: Particle® Fuse by Arktura

Exercise can be a transformative experience that has the power to energize or soothe. The 

space should be able to balance this duality while creating an escape from the daily grind. Particle® Fuse’s micro-perforated panels can be used in various creative layouts, with integrated lighting or acoustic options, to create better ambiance and more functional, welcoming, and performative spaces. 

Level Up Your Fitness Club Design with Arktura

Arktura’s range of acoustic ceiling panels, baffles and fins give you the design flexibility you need to elevate your fitness club design. It allows you to create a place that can accommodate the various needs of today’s gyms.

Contact the experts at Arktura today to discover how our products can set your fitness club design apart from the competition. Want more gym and fitness club inspiration? Check out our sports and fitness lookbook!




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