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7 Biophilic Ceiling Systems Bringing Nature to Your Project

November 20, 2023

Biophilic design has been gaining popularity in recent years, and for good reason. Bringing in natural elements into indoor environments can have a significant positive impact on our well-being, reduce stress, and improve productivity.

You can take several significant measures to incorporate the beauty of nature into your indoor space. Utilize a green garden wall to display flowers and plants for guests and employees. You can fill the wall with moss and other low-maintenance plants. The flowers and plants should be able to grow from a vertical planter.

Or spruce up the office with natural features, like a mixture of indoor plants that can grow using artificial indoor lighting. Expand outdoor garden areas to encourage employees to work in the natural world.

Another way to achieve this connection with nature is through biophilic-inspired ceiling systems. These can enhance a space’s aesthetic appeal and acoustic performance. Nature-inspired designs can elevate any space, from metal fin structures to acoustic cloud systems.

You can apply biophilic design and create a calm, welcoming atmosphere in your restaurant, hotel lobby, or office with nearly endless options. Now more than ever, there are various ways to transform a space into a more calming environment. In this blog post, we’ll look at the benefits of nature-inspired ceiling systems and show some striking examples.

Atmosphera® Adaptive Lotus

“W Philadelphia Hotel” Philadelphia, PA, Nelson Worldwide & Design studio Ltd. Photo by Eric Laignel.

A true bearer of enlightenment, the Lotus flower has a long history of representing purity, strength, and resilience. While the actual flower is a perennial plant that needs a sunny, warm home with 5-6 hours of sun a day. You can achieve a similar look and feel with the Atmosphera® Lotus ceiling system.

This steel fin structure comes in different powder-coated finishes and has a captivating pattern that catches guests’ attention with intricate design elements. The adaptable panels allow you to create a tailored array utilizing multiple modules.

Atmosphera® Swell

“Gensler Miami Office” Miami, FL, Gensler. Photo by Gensler.

Bring the smooth, surging motion of the ocean to your office or commercial space with Atmosphera® Swell. Ocean sounds are calming, but replicating the visual element has been challenging until now.

Swell’s undulating shape create a tranquil oceanic ambiance. Its pattern captures the movement of clouds and the active swell of the sea.

Arborisa™ Aura

Photo render courtesy of Arktura.

Biophilic interior design is all about bringing the great outdoors to your space indoors. Nature directly affects our wellbeing through plant life, natural light, and natural materials like wood. Bring the natural form factor of trees to your space with Arborisa™.

Arktura’s Arborisa™ Aura is a suspended ceiling structure with natural topiary frames that create a modern and organic design. The intersecting branches provide proper acoustic attenuation, covering any space below. The natural form factors of Arborisa™ create a biophilic sanctuary that transports viewers to a serene natural environment.


“5301 Legacy” Plano, TX, HKS. Photo by HKS.

The helix-like structure of SoftFold® is reminiscent of the natural structure of DNA. But while DNA stores your genetic information, the twisting form of SoftFold® contains the excess noise absorbed in your office.

Perfectly complement a medical center, office, or university campus with dimensional patterning of this acoustic cloud system made of our Soft Sound acoustical material.

SoftGrid® Wave

“Inphi” San Jose, CA, Arc Tec Inc. Photo by Caroline Tudor.

SoftGrid® Wave‘s acoustic structure creates a soothing sound that washes over guests with gentle waves. These modules are versatile and can be used in small, like conference rooms, or large arrays spanning lobbies and office floors. They connect seamlessly to one another, making it easy to customize the layout for your space.

Wave’s acoustic ceiling modules follow their namesake and create a wave pattern that flows easily across your ceiling. Your maintenance team can easily access the lights, HVAC, rigging points, plumbing, AV equipment, and life safety systems due to the removable fins and open structure.

Vapor® Bloom

“Yorkdale – Food Court” Toronto, ON, WZMH. Photo by Industryous Photography.

Bring some nature to your built environment with the biophilic-inspired patterns of Vapor® Bloom. These versatile panels for wall and ceiling applications bring life to spaces. Their biomorphic patterning subtly evokes images of scattered foliage or blossoming petals.

Bloom’s 2’x4′ powder-coated aluminum torsion spring panels can be seamlessly arrayed for a continuous aesthetic across walls and ceilings. Pair these with an optional Soft Sound® backer for acoustic performance or Arktura Backlighting for an illuminating display.

Atmosphera® Adaptive Pulse 

Brentwood Library” Brentwood, CA, Mark Davis Architect. Photo by JNM Studio.


For a more obscure, abstract interpretation of natural structures, turn to the cellular-like shape of the Atmosphera® Adaptive Pulse ceiling system. This steel frame structure provides an organic form for guests to look up in awe at.

With adaptable panels, the overall shape and size of the panels are customizable. Designers can specify as much openness as they want. Pulse’s fins are available in powder-coated steel — with optional Soft Sound® inserts for acoustic sound control.

Let Arktura Bring a Natural Touch to Your Next Project

Incorporating biophilic-inspired ceiling panels and wall systems is one of the most effective ways to bring the natural world indoors. Whether it’s a steel fin structure that mimics the shape of a lotus flower, a suspended ceiling structure that creates a modern and organic design, or a wave-like acoustic module that makes a natural swell of sound mitigation, the possibilities are endless.

By using these ceiling systems, you can create a serene and calming environment that not only looks beautiful but also enhances the acoustic performance of your space. If you’re looking to create a peaceful and inviting ambiance in your restaurant, hotel lobby, or office, consider incorporating biophilic-inspired ceiling systems and take a step towards a healthier and happier indoor environment.

Contact our team to learn more about elevating your next project with the design experts.

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