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7 Inspirational Custom Perforated Wall Projects for Interior and Exterior Architecture

February 8, 2024

Nothing looks as good as custom feels. For those searching for the ultimate wow factor in their commercial design, custom perforated wall panels represent the gold standard in commercial design. Whether you’re looking for exterior or interior applications, Arktura’s Solutions Studio® can help turn your most creative design dreams into a constructed reality.  

Perforated metal wall panels for commercial applications provide dynamic aesthetic focal points in interior and exterior design. These panels, made of metal sheets punched or drilled with various patterns, create a dazzling design. The cutout perforations provide a see-through effect for ventilation, light filtering, acoustic backers, or adding an interesting visual texture.  

Custom designs are a great way to showcase a client’s brand identity, designs complete with company logos, brand colors, or other dazzling effects like lighting and perforated imagery. Graphic Perf® by Solutions Studio® works with a client through a fully collaborative process to bring custom designs to perforated panels, from abstract patterns to realistic-looking images.  

To complement our custom ceiling offerings, we compiled some of our favorite custom wall applications. Whether you’re an architect, designer, or business owner, this blog post will provide inspiration and ideas on incorporating custom perforated metal wall panels into your next project. 

 Corporate Branded Elevator Bank 

Arktura Solution Studio perforated wall for Toyota
“Toyota” Washington, DC, Gensler. Photo by Garrett Rowland. 

Creating a distinct focal point with its sharp, perforated design, this custom wall panel was designed for Toyota‘s Washington DC offices. Standing in stark contrast to an otherwise bright, white office space, this dark metal perforated design is further elevated with a glowing red lighting from behind the panels. Our Solutions Studio® team worked with Gensler to bring this branded space to life.

Illuminated Facade with Custom Pattern 

“1900 Gallows Road” Vienna, VA, WDG. Photo by Ron Blunt. 

Greet guests and customers alike with an illuminated, custom facade designed by our Solutions Studio®. This project features a unique Vapor® panel design, allowing for a custom pattern to be perforated into our flagship panel system. This design is carried into the interior, with additional panels awaiting you once inside.

Colorful Space Divider Custom Wall

“Confidential Corporate Office” Atlanta, GA, Cooper Carry. Photo by Nigel Marson. 

Wall panels don’t always need to completely seal off a room. Perforated wall panels can act as a visually appealing space divider, creating separate areas in the same room while still providing privacy and keeping a connection to the larger area. These panels can be perforated with designs that range from artistic patterns to your own images.

Unique, Textured Focal Point 

“Modera” New Rochelle, NY, Cube 3 Studio. Photo by Steven Ranta. 

Combining fin walls and perforated panels creates a distinctive and personalized appearance, adding texture to this area. The linear forms incorporated in this project give it depth, with creative perspectives depending on the angle at which you view the walls. This project beautifully illustrates how custom perforated wall panels can be used inventively to add a unique and practical design element to any space. 

Cellular, Organic Custom Wall Patterns 

Arktura Solution Studio backlit perforated screens for IBM Watson
“IBM” San Francisco, CA, SDA. Photo courtesy of SDA. 

The IBM Watson Experience Center features custom backlit wall systems that transform years of mobile sales data into three-dimensional forms, creating an immersive space representing the essence of IBM’s Watson group.   

To achieve this, our Solutions Studio® team collaborated closely with Synthesis Design + Architecture, based in Los Angeles, to tackle the challenge of presenting years of mobile sales data on metal in an elegant, expressive, and captivating way. Our Solutions Studio® can create architectural art from the most unlikely of sources. 

Fully Immersive Visual Experience 

“Motorola HQ” Chicago, IL, Gensler. Photo by Eric Laignel. 

Our Graphic Perf® wall and ceiling system offers endless possibilities for creative designs and applications. The seamless continuation from wall-to-ceiling panels creates a fully immersive, wraparound design that leads to this elevator bank. Additionally, the custom optional backlighting allows the design to come to life with colorful illumination while providing access to building infrastructure, such as sprinklers and alarms. 

Curved Custom Walls That Tie into Your Brand 

“PWC HQ” Los Angeles, CA, AECOM.     

To take your design from two dimensions to three, our Solutions Studio® team is here to bring our innovative methods and creativity to your next project. Graphic Perf® panels can wrap around curves, creating a more dimensional narrative with your design. To tie in a more branded experience, we took design inspiration from the client, PWC.  

As the wall meanders through the L-shaped lobby space, perforations and layering of materials create distinct zones interrelated through either color palettes or direct lines of sight. Corporate branding and color schemes are integrated throughout. 

Go Custom for Your Next Project 

Custom perforated metal wall panels are a highly versatile and visually stunning design option that can transform any commercial space. With the help of Arktura’s Solutions Studio®, clients can turn their most creative design ideas into a constructed reality.  

From branded elevator banks to fully immersive visual experiences, perforated wall panels can create a distinctive focal point that adds functionality and aesthetic appeal to any project.  

Whether you’re an architect, designer, or business owner, incorporating custom perforated metal wall panels into your next design project is a surefire way to make an unforgettable impression on clients, guests, and visitors. 

Contact our team to learn more about elevating your next project with colorful wall and ceiling panel options.

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