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The SoftGrid® Collection Expands with Three New Designs for Enhanced Acoustics and Aesthetics

January 30, 2024

We are starting the new year off with a bang! Three innovative new designs join our SoftGrid® collection of suspended ceiling acoustic modules. Introducing SoftGrid® Nexus, SoftGrid® Forge, and SoftGrid® Rosette, joining the 14 other designs in this growing collection. These new designs bring innovative form factors to commercial spaces, offering designers and clients even more ways to create wellness-oriented spaces.

Any commercial space can benefit from the advantages of proper acoustic attenuation from offices to retail spaces. Our three new designs are ready to make a visual impact while reducing excess noise in your next project.  

  • SoftGrid® Nexus brings a sense of structure and dimensionality to your ceiling scape with a topographical aesthetic, with intersecting linear baffles creating an expansive map of acoustic coverage.  
  • SoftGrid® Forge suspended acoustic baffles intersect while creating complex hexagonal structures of noise mitigation across commercial ceilings.  
  • SoftGrid® Rosette features soft angles that come together in precise harmony, bringing a delicate floral configuration to acoustic control.  

Each of these unique form factors allows designers to create a distinctive look while improving overall acoustics. This collection’s expanding number of styles means that architects and designers have more flexibility to choose the perfect acoustic cloud system for their next project. 

These easy-to-install ceiling modules are offered in our 12mm proprietary Soft Sound® material to absorb sound and provide a tranquil environment for all below. SoftGrid® Nexus, SoftGrid® Forge, and SoftGrid® Rosette are available in a library of colorful Soft Sound® finishes, including our newest Elementals Collection, biophilic-inspired premium wood textures, and Duo Tone mixed colorways.   

All three of these SoftGrid® expansion designs are now available for specification through Arktura’s global network of sales representatives. Contact your local rep below. 


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