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9 Inspiration Ideas for Crafting Custom Ceiling Designs

August 25, 2023

Looking for a way to elevate your commercial space to the next level? Custom-designed ceiling panels are perfect for those seeking the ideal decorative fit. Like a missing puzzle piece, custom ceilings add visual interest and dimension to your space. If ceilings truly are the fifth wall of design, then make sure yours is making a statement. More than looks, these tailored options offer a range of practical advantages. 

First and foremost, custom ceiling designs, from perforated panels to artistic acoustics, allow you to adapt your space to your exact needs. You can create a truly one-of-a-kind look with a range of designs, colors, and form factors. 

In addition to their aesthetic benefits, custom-designed ceiling panels offer a range of practical advantages. They can help improve your space’s acoustics by adding our Soft Sound® acoustic panel backers, reducing noise creates a more pleasant, comfortable atmosphere for your employees and customers. 

Our team of custom designers at Solutions Studio® are committed to bringing your ceiling vision to life. From your first idea to the final product, our Solutions Studio® team can assist with every step of the design process. 

Below are nine great examples of custom metal ceiling and acoustic systems elevating projects to inspire your next design!  

1. Grand First Impression 

Arktura Solution Studio perforated ceiling panel in Koin Lobby
“Koin” Portland, OR, Mackenzie Architecture, Inc. Photo by Christian Columbres.

The lobby is the initial point of contact for customers, guests, or employees entering your office or building. Create a lasting impression by installing a personalized ceiling that reflects your brand and company values. The KOIN Tower in Portland has implemented a contemporary ceiling design that complements its rich history.   

Think Joule, the company responsible for the KOIN Tower rebrand, used the brand motif from their logo as the basis for a pattern that Arktura incorporated into a custom Graphic Perf® screen. This screen extends throughout the lobby, adding visual interest and reinforcing the custom branded identity. 

2. Custom Imagery 

Views of Arktura Solutions Studio Marcus Mariota Center backlit, perforated ceilings.
“Marcus Mariota Sports Performance Center” Eugene, OR, SRG Partnership.

Arktura’s Solutions Studio® offers Graphic Perf®’s Photoreal perforation process, which can transfer full-scale images onto perforated panels. Our advanced tools and techniques help us create grid-compatible panels that seamlessly tile and bring your picture to life. 

The Marcus Mariota Sports Performance Center at the University of Oregon has panels with artistic depictions of the university’s famous football player and his jersey. These images were created using the Graphic Perf® technique and feature silhouettes of ducks in flight, a nod to the university’s mascot, the Oregon Duck. 

3. Adding a Textured Element to Your Ceiling 

Close ups of Arktura Solutions Studio Vitol faceted ceiling made with Soft Sound
“Vitol” Houston, TX, PDR.

Without proper acoustics, open offices can be a hotbed of distracting noises from computer keyboards, meetings, and even coworkers chattering. This office adds mindful custom acoustic panels to attenuate the room with faceted, geometric modules, transforming the office into a beautiful collaborative space. This customized ceiling system is made with Soft Sound® material, which is sustainably produced from recycled materials. Soft Sound® is designed to reduce and control reverberations, leaving a lasting impression at any scale. 

4. Inspire Motion 

“Columbus Convention Center” Columbus, OH, Schooley Caldwell, Elford Inc.

Large convention center hall ceilings can look unwieldy without proper decor. Add intrigue and functional acoustics to your fifth wall of design with the motion-filled baffles of Atmosphera® Adaptive Analog 3D. Designers can use Analog 3D to create unique surface designs for ceilings or work with the Arktura team to customize the flow. These visually impressive acoustic ceiling baffles can be adjusted to fit the project’s theme rather than being limited to a linear design. 

5. Custom Curving Acoustics 

“Vrbo” Austin, TX, Rios Clementi Hale Studios. Photo by Hunter Kerhart.

Our Solutions Studio® team can create innovative ways to fully immerse guests and employees in acoustic comfort. This custom project involved designing coffered walls that gradually curve upward, forming an acoustic ceiling. The design includes open spaces that allow us to seamlessly integrate existing lighting and security systems with our acoustic solution. 

6. Large Scale Projects 

“Amicus Therapeutics” Philadelphia, PA, CRB. Photo by Connie Zhou.

A beautiful floating wall made of Soft Sound® acoustic material adds to the design of the space. It curves up to the ceiling seamlessly. Crafted for a therapeutic company, the design was inspired by a gene sequence and blends the two levels of the space together impressively. The ceiling above features Arktura backlighting, bringing custom ceiling lights to the office below. 

7. Immersive Hallways 

“GATX” Chicago, IL, Partners by Design. Photo by Tom Harris Architectural Photography.

Walking through this wrap-around hallway covered by Graphic Perf® Custom Photoreal Interior wall panels is more of an immersive experience than just a way of moving from point A to point B.  

Our exceptional software tools translate any image into a perforated pattern and then recreate that image on the wall. You can customize the design with personalized graphics, patterns, and pictures to make it unique and distinct for your business, resulting in an unparalleled experience. 

8. Custom Ceiling Acoustics 

“71 Above” Los Angeles, CA, Tag Front.

In restaurants and hospitality settings, better acoustics are often needed. With all the noise coming from the kitchen, staff, and guests, the sound levels can be pretty distracting. To address this, we have developed a custom ceiling design that incorporates our SoundStar® technology and a custom flat version of this acoustic ceiling cloud.  

This results in a dynamic array of suspended acoustic ceiling panels across the restaurant, allowing for a lively dining experience without compromising intimacy. 

9.Seamless Wall to Ceiling Transition 

Perforated Metal Wall Panels | Arktura Vapor® Graphic Perf® in elevator lobby
Photo render courtesy of Arktura.

Elevator banks are easy to overlook when creating dynamic designs for the rest of your space. But why shouldn’t guests and employees alike have an artistically built environment to observe while waiting for their elevator? This custom project showcases our Graphic Perf® Interior, which includes seamless wall-to-ceiling panels with an illuminated nature-inspired design. This brings the beauty of the outdoors indoors, creating a visually pleasing environment for those waiting for the elevator. 


Let Our Team Design Your Dreams 

With the right design and materials, anyone can create a space that looks great and functions well for your employees and customers. For help in creating that perfect design, our Solutions Studio® design team is here to collaborate on bringing your vision to the built environment. A custom ceiling is an ideal solution if you’re looking to improve the acoustics, lighting or enhance the overall aesthetic. 

Contact us today to see how our products can be tailored to meet your specific needs and provide the custom ceiling perfect for your next project.  

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