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8 Office Designs Using Modern Drop Ceiling Tiles

March 23, 2021
suspended ceiling system

Before the invention of drop ceilings and their subsequent rise in popularity, traditional ceilings were all that was needed. Ceilings were simply a structural element to the building and didn’t contain equipment such as electrical wires, plumbing or HVAC systems, so access wasn’t necessary.

This meant that a drywall ceiling was the main choice. However, as buildings became more modern — and wires, pipes and ductwork needed to run overhead — access became an issue.

Enter the drop ceiling.

Traditionally, drop ceilings have been a utilitarian design element, allowing these systems to be concealed overhead while still providing easy access in the event of repairs, maintenance or new infrastructure.

Most commonly when it comes to commercial ceilings—especially when controlling sound—the go-to solution was simple drop ceiling tiles. These cost-effective ceiling solutions have become an essential tool for value engineering in lieu of more dynamic options in the architectural space.

Modern drop ceiling tiles also come with additional design elements. They can be combined with integrated backlighting or InLine Lighting for added illumination and ambiance. Or they can be paired with a Soft Sound® backer for enhanced acoustic performance.

1. Biomorphic Depth

Arktrua Trace Slide
“Modern Office Space” Featuring: Trace® Slide by Arktura

Add depth and dimension to your office space with Trace® Slide modern drop ceiling tiles. Integrated InLine Lighting enhances the biomorphic design reminiscent of ancient tree bark, bringing a natural element into a contemporary office design.

2. Define a Space

Arktura Vapor Trail
“Buckley Sandler” Washington, DC, HYL Architecture, Prakash Patel (Photographer), Featuring: Vapor® Trail by Arktura

The linear design featured in Vapor® Trail is a smart choice for spaces both large and small. Situated directly over a conference table, it enhances the feeling of length and adds just the right amount of lighting to create a comfortable and productive collaborative space.

3. Escape to the Jungle

Arktura Vapor Liana
“Hospital Waiting Area” Featuring: Vapor® Liana by Arktura

Paired with your choice of Soft Sound® backer, Vapor® Liana is a modern ceiling tile design that evokes the feel of soft vine tendrils cascading through the space. The acoustic comfort provided when a backer is utilized can mean the difference between a noisy and distracting space or one that is comfortable and promotes efficiency.

4. Strategically Conceal Ductwork

Arktura Vapor Cluster Ceilng in Microsoft Memorial Building
“Microsoft Memorial” Cambridge, MA, Sasaki Associates, John Horner (Photographer), Featuring: Vapor® Cluster by Arktura

This design is a perfect example of strategically concealed ductwork. Vapor® Cluster ceiling tiles take up residence below the ductwork, concealing the edges while the center of the space maintains an industrial vibe. 

5. Texture Above All

suspended ceiling system
“Securian St. Paul” St. Paul, MN, BWBR Architects – MN, Brandon Stengel (Photographer), Featuring: Delta Drop® by Arktura

Modern design styles are trending towards streamlined and minimal, using the ceiling space to create depth and dimension for a layered design. The dimensional geometry of Delta Drop® panels can be enhanced with integrated backlighting or a Soft Sound® backer to fit the design’s exact needs.

6. A Space for Ideas

Arktura Vapor Cumula
“Confidential Client” New York, NY, TPG Architecture, Veronica Bean (Photographer), Featuring: Vapor® Cumula by Arktura

Modern drop ceiling tiles are a functional way to conceal infrastructure elements in a ceiling, but they can serve other functions as well. One such function is to define a space for a specific purpose. In this design, Vapor® Cumula ceiling tiles are used to highlight a space designed for thought and collaboration and keep it separate from the flow of traffic.

7. A Design’s Best Friend

Arktura Vapor Cora
“1201 W Lake Lobby” Chicago, Illinois, Eastlake Studio – CH, DBM Service, Inc., ©Steve Hall, Hall + Merrick (Photographer), Featuring: Vapor® Cora by Arktura

Vapor® Cora takes a timeless diamond pattern and reimagines it into a modern take on a classic look. Solid forms are scattered throughout the diamond grid, and these modern drop ceiling tiles are seamlessly tileable for uninterrupted patterning wherever you need it — whether you want it to span an entire ceiling or define a smaller space.

8. Create a Waterfall Effect

Arktura Vapor Element
“Computer Lab” Featuring: Vapor® Element by Arktura

With the Vapor® Element drop ceiling tiles, you can provide centralized illumination for busy office spaces while establishing an elegant minimalist design. The waterfall effect from ceiling to wall is a striking feature in larger, shared work spaces, while the lighting installations provide modern and unconventional illumination for the whole room. These drop ceiling tiles can also be installed with acoustic backers to reduce workplace noise and improve productivity. 

A Modern Take on a Functional Design

Arktura’s modern take on a functional design allows you to conceal wires, ductwork and plumbing that run overhead while making a beautiful statement in your office. 

Modern drop ceiling tiles are available in a variety of styles and colors, with integrated backlighting, InLine Lighting and Soft Sound® backer options, so that you can take advantage of functional elements while creating a space that is unique to your specific needs and space.

Contact the drop ceiling specialists at Arktura today for more information on the perfect installation for your space.

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