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Product Design

9 Reasons to Choose an Aluminum Ceiling System

March 16, 2021
Arktura Vapor Sky

Ceilings that used to be simply a structural element have been thrust into the spotlight with the rise of aluminum ceiling systems. Designs that could only be imagined previously are now a reality, and today’s aluminum ceiling systems offer unparalleled flexibility and customization for your project. 

Featuring customizable components for quick and easy installation, the modern drop ceiling creates convenience and peace of mind in any space.

Benefits of Aluminum Ceiling Systems

These 9 reasons to choose an aluminum ceiling system are sure to inspire and excite.

1. Customizable Components 

Vapor Cluster

Featuring: Vapor® Cluster by Arktura


Aluminum ceiling systems come with a range of customizable components that allow you to perfectly tailor the ceiling to your space. This illustration shows the various components of an aluminum ceiling system. Customization options include integrated InLine LED lighting, LED backlighting, and a frosted or Soft Sound acoustic backer. 

The aluminum ceiling panels, such as the Vapor® Cluster pictured here, use a torsion spring system that allows them to be quickly installed in the torsion grid. This also means that there is easy access to structural components and building integrations in the ceiling. 

2. Convenient Access to Infrastructure

Trace®panels can be removed easily to access building infrastructure.

“Ceiling Access Detail” Featuring: Vapor® Straight by Arktura


Much of a drop ceiling’s appeal is the ability to access infrastructure elements that are in the space between the structural ceiling and the drop ceiling. An aluminum ceiling system, like Vapor® Straight, makes this access even more convenient.

The torsion spring panels are easily removed from the torsion grid to reveal the interior workings of the ceiling. With this ease of access, repairing wires, fixing a plumbing leak or servicing the HVAC system becomes less stressful.

3. Easy Installation

Arktura Particle Phase

“Airport Terminal Lounge” Featuring: Particle™ Phase by Arktura


Aluminum ceiling grids are often used in large spaces since they are fast and easy to install. The quick torsion spring attachment is used across standard ceiling grid systems to provide unparalleled convenience. This means that rather than waiting for a traditional drywall ceiling to be completed, you’ll be able to complete new construction or renovations faster. All while incorporating functional elements like lighting, fire safety, and hvac.

4. Fully Customizable

Arktura Vapor Cumula

“Confidential Client” New York, NY, TPG Architecture, Veronica Bean (Photographer), Featuring: Vapor® Cumula by Arktura


Each of Arktura’s aluminum ceiling systems is customizable to your particular project’s specifications. Powder-coated aluminum torsion spring panels are available in a variety of colors and can be paired with Soft Sound® backers to increase acoustic comfort. InLine or integrated backlighting can add a much needed glow to spaces that need to be brightened up. Plus, our library of patterns is sure to make all your design dreams come true. 

5. Easy to Repair or Replace

Arktura Delta Drop

“Timberland” Stratham, NH, IA Interior Architects, Robert Benson Photography, Featuring: Delta Drop® by Arktura


In the event of a water leak or other damage either to the aluminum ceiling system or the building elements housed above it, repairs and replacements are quick and easy. 

If a panel is damaged, it can be switched out with a new one without disrupting the rest of the design. The same goes for a frosted or acoustic Soft Sound® backer. If it’s a simple matter of needing to clean up a water leak, the aluminum ceiling panels can be removed and cleaned before being replaced.

6. Perfect for Outdoor Applications

Arktura Vapor Pixel

“Elmer A Knopf Learning Center” Flint, MI, Stantec – Berkley MI, Jason Keen (Photographer), Featuring: Vapor® Pixel by Arktura


An aluminum ceiling grid system is perfect for both indoor and outdoor applications. Outside, whether used in a breezeway or entrance, it makes a beautiful and functional statement. Backlighting or InLine lighting can be integrated to help light the area in an aesthetically pleasing way that keeps the focus on the design.

7. Flexible Installation

Arktura Vapor Sky

“Quiet Library” Featuring: Vapor® Sky by Arktura


Aluminum ceiling grids can of course be installed on ceilings, but they can also be installed on walls using our Vertika™ channel system. This flexibility allows you to take your design anywhere you want it to go, seamlessly joining walls and ceilings. 

8. Upgrade Without a Full Renovation

Arktura Delta Drop

“Exact Sciences Innovation Laboratory” Deerfield, WI, Potter Lawson – Madison, Mike Rebholz (Photographer), Featuring: Delta Drop® by Arktura


Since an aluminum ceiling grid can be installed below an existing ceiling, it can be used to upgrade your space without having to complete a full renovation. Whether you’re concealing wires, plumbing or ductwork, or hiding an unsightly or boring drywall ceiling, the flexibility of an aluminum ceiling system allows you to design without restrictions.

9. Acoustic Comfort

Office Ceiling Panels | Trace® Slant with Soft Sound® backers and Arktura's InLine Integrated Lighting installed in office.

“Colorful Open Office” Featuring: Trace® Slant by Arktura


Perforated aluminum ceiling systems accommodate seamless integration of acoustically performative Soft Sound® backers, available in a variety of colors, to complement your design and reduce and control reverberations. The end result is a quieter space offering enhanced comfort for all residents and visitors.

Upgrade Your Space With an Aluminum Ceiling System

With Arktura’s library of multifaceted, powder-coated aluminum ceiling systems, upgrading your design has never been easier. They can provide benefits ranging from easy access to structural elements, to a fully customized design, working with our panels will allow you unparalleled flexibility.

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