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9 Design Ideas for Incorporating an Acoustic Wood Look Ceiling

March 10, 2021
Acoustic Wood Ceiling Panels

Natural wood is a beautiful and timeless material, but using it to add acoustic control to a room is a challenge due to its weight and design limitations. Acoustic wood look ceilings, on the other hand, have nearly limitless design capabilities that allow them to work for a diverse range of applications.

Available in a wide variety of designs — contours, clouds, panels, etc. — acoustic wood ceiling panels add the natural look of wood to your project. This allows you to take advantage of the warmth and natural character of wood, along with gaining an incredibly flexible and functional design element.

1. Mix and Match Products for Ultimate Flexibility

Acoustic Wood Ceiling Panels - Mix and Match Products for Ultimate Flexibility
“One Medical Lobby” Chicago, IL, Callison RTKL Inc., Wade Trenbeath Productions, Featuring: SoundStar® with Custom Delta Drop® and Soft Sound® Surfacing by Arktura

SoundStar® ceiling panels, made from our acoustic PET Soft Sound®, feature hexagonal-shaped cellular coffers that are suspended from the ceiling, disrupting sound’s ability to travel through space. Perfect for unconventional or irregular spaces, these dynamic modules can be installed individually or in clusters. For even more acoustic comfort, this design uses an acoustic wood look across portions of the ceiling and wall, including a custom variation of our faceted Delta Drop® paneling.

2. Incorporate a Trellis Design

Incorporate a Trellis Design - Wood Acoustic Ceiling Panels
“Elegant Bar Seating” Featuring: SoftSpan™ 48 by Arktura

For wide spans of the ceiling, SoftSpan™ 48 enhances the acoustics of the space and is able to tackle the large area. At a fraction of the weight of a timber trellis, this acoustic solution will control noise and reverberations while achieving the perfect look. Optional closure beams and coffers give you options to customize the design to your specific application. Manufactured with Soft Sound® material, SoftSpan™ 48 reduces distractions from everyday noise. 

3. Acoustic Control: Two Ways

Acoustic Control: Two Ways - Wood Acoustic Ceiling Panels
“Bridgewater Bank” St. Louis Park, MN, Momentum Design Group, Steve Silverman Imaging (Photographer), Featuring: Delta Drop® by Arktura

Created from powder-coated aluminum spring torsion panels, Delta Drop® 4×4 offers a variety of customization options. This custom design used two different methods of acoustic control, pairing powder-coated metal portions with specially made panels incorporating acoustic PET Soft Sound® Wood Texture facing. For the aluminum ceiling panel sections, a Soft Sound® backer can be used to create additional acoustic comfort in your space. 

4. A Design That Fits Your Space

A Design That Fits Your Space
“Advanced Clinic” Chicago, IL, Box STUDIOS, JJ Jetel Photography, Featuring: SoftGrid® Flux by Arktura

The modern geometric design of SoftGrid® Flux’s interwoven modules can be laid out to provide acoustic comfort to a whole room or in clusters to focus sound control on specific areas. However you use it, its intricate tiling design allows you to create continuous visual flow for a seamless acoustic wood ceiling look. Perfect for an office, conference room, common workspace, or classroom.

5. Make Waves in the Workplace

Make Waves in the Workplace
“Mead Johnson” Chicago, IL, Partners By Design, Tom Harris Architectural Photography, Featuring: Atmosphera® Custom Analog 3D by Arktura

The 3D fins of Atmosphera® Custom Analog 3D acoustic wood ceiling panels offer the ultimate in customization. Their topography can be completely customized to your own unique surface design. Available in Soft Sound® material, they provide the acoustic performance you need to create a space that is conducive to work, conversation and comfort.

6. An Open Design for Easy Access

An Open Design for Easy Access
“Close Up” Featuring: SoftGrid® Switch by Arktura

The seemingly random pattern of SoftGrid® Switch creates an intricate web on your ceiling. The seamless connections allow you to create a web that is as small or as large as your space demands. Plus, the open design and easily removable fins of acoustic wood ceiling panels afford quick access to systems such as lighting, HVAC, rigging points, and more.  

7. Make a Stunning Statement

Make a Stunning Statement With Acoustic Wood Ceiling Panels
“Maui Brewing Company” Kailua, HI, WCIT – HI, Featuring: Atmosphera® Rise by Arktura

The quick cuts of Atmosphera® Rise Soft Sound® fins create a dynamic movement that reveals the beauty of your design. Because this system of acoustic wood ceiling panels comes in preconfigured designs and sizes, you’ll get a custom look with quick and easy installation. These modules allow you to create your desired look in a fraction of the time that it takes to install independently hung baffles.

8. Make It One-of-a-Kind

Make It One-of-a-Kind
“Alohilani Ballroom” Honolulu, HI, Pacific Asian Design Group – HI, Hawkins Biggins Photography, Featuring: A Custom Ceiling Design by Arktura Solutions Studio®

This custom ceiling design creates movement throughout a large space. The design is broken up by intersecting beams, ensuring that it doesn’t become overwhelming, but adds just the right amount of grace and acoustic comfort.

9. Create Layers and Dimension

Create Layers and Dimension With Acoustic Wood Ceiling Panels
“Oregon Convention Center” Portland, OR, LMN Architects – SEA, Sally Painter Photography, Featuring: Custom SoftGrid® Round by Arktura

Layered SoftGrid® Round panels create a compelling look in this custom ceiling installation. These acoustic wood ceiling panels are made with Soft Sound® material to provide acoustic support in your space. They can be spaced out, connected together, or layered to create the perfect design.

Design the Perfect Acoustic Wood Look Ceiling

When you work with Arktura, you have the support, resources, and products necessary to create the perfect acoustic wood look ceiling for your space. Our ceiling panels made with our Soft Sound® material create acoustic comfort that can span an entire room or focus on a smaller area where sound control is needed most. 

Click here to see some of our favorite projects featuring Soft Sound® wood textures. 

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