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Arktura and Pure + FreeForm: Elevating Commercial Interiors with Premium Finishes

November 7, 2023

Bringing designers and architects the best of both worlds, Arktura now offers premium metal finishes from architectural finish designers Pure + FreeForm. Take your next commercial interior project to the next level of design thanks to the stunning specialty finishes of Pure + FreeForm paired with the precisely perforated panels from Arktura.   

This partnership between Arktura, an award-winning architectural systems manufacturer, and Pure + FreeForm, a premium metal finishes supplier, adds flexibility and further customization to a diverse lineup of wall and ceiling systems. It brings nine new superior metal finishes and a host of new design options to the popular Vapor®, Trace®, Particle®, and Vapor® Graphic Perf® lines.  

The partnership with these two brands has resulted in exciting finishes previously only available for custom, specialty projects. Now, you can add these premium options to our growing line of standard and tailored products.

Choose from four metallic patinas and five wood prints to customize a range of select Arktura products. This includes the Vapor® collection’s 19 contemporary patterns, such as Vapor® Verve and Vapor® Breeze, inspired by nature. 

Architects and designers can choose from a range of dynamic patinas and wood textures to create stunningly beautiful and durable wall and ceiling projects that are as functional as they are aesthetically pleasing.

Premium Metallic Patina Finishes include:  

  • Hollywood  
  • Parisian Rust  
  • Hampton Brass  
  • Vintage Nickel  

Premium Wood Texture Finishes include:  

  • Roma Noce  
  • Rustic Timber  
  • Autumn Cherry  
  • Pearl White Oak  
  • Miele Maple 

These new premium finishes are available to specify on various standard panel systems. However, the possibilities for customization are nearly endless when working with our Solutions Studio team of experts in customized solutions such as the collaborative Vapor® Graphic Perf® process.    

With Vapor® Graphic Perf®, clients can choose between two methods to create their unique design vision in metal: Photoreal and Scripted. Photoreal brings photos to life on perforated panels, while Scripted is a collaborative process that creates a custom parametric patterning perforation.  

These perforated patterns with Pure + FreeForm finishes are compatible with our proprietary Vertika® wall channel and standard grid systems, making installation across walls and ceilings effortless. Add premium finishes to create an eye-catching visual display.  


Our growing collection of metal panel systems now features premium finishes that elevate their appearance and increase their durability. We also offer optional accessories such as Soft Sound® acoustical material backers that enhance noise attenuation performance while adding a layer of depth to designs. For a more stunning final result, we offer integrated Arktura Backlighting that illuminates the perforated design for a dazzling display.  

Pure + FreeForm finishes work for most interiors. Select finishes work for exteriors but require evaluation and collaboration with Arktura’s Solutions Studio. Contact your local Arktura rep to learn more. 

These steel panel system collections are now available to specify in these premium finishes through Arktura’s global network of sales representatives.   

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