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Arktura Simplifies Adaptive Reuse through the All-New Torsion Spring Adapter – Accessory Kit

January 11, 2021

We are introducing a new, simple way to retrofit and adaptively reuse spaces with the rollout of our Torsion Spring Adapter – Accessory Kit, now available for purchase through our growing global network of reps, agents, and distributors.

This new accessory kit makes it possible to adapt existing standard t-grid systems to accept panels designed exclusively for a Torsion Grid, reducing material costs, carbon footprint, and leading to a positive impact on the environment. This new accessory continues to drive Arktura’s goal to simplify retrofitting and leave the smallest possibly ecological footprint on the planet.

A growing range of Arktura’s 2’x4′ torsion spring panel designs are now available for retrofit with the New Torsion Spring Adapter Kit: Vapor®, VaporSoft®, Vapor® Graphic Perf®, Particle™, Trace®, and the newest addition, Trace® Slide. Arktura’s Torsion Spring Adapter Clip Accessory Kit is now available for purchase through Arktura’s growing global network of reps, agents, and distributors.

Learn more now by visiting any of the product pages under these lines, or by reaching out to your local rep now for an product question or sales inquiries. Arktura is here to help with your next retrofit project!

Download the Brochure Now!!

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